on Wednesdays, we worship

20140528-131622-47782128.jpgDon’t know if we could ever truly become strong, brave, believers, faithful, or wise without hardships, heartbreak, and tragedy. We would never learn to thrive in the valleys and raging storms of life. We’d never know what we could accomplish, create, or become.

Life can truly be a bitch to us. I mean a real life, never ease up, angry for no reason a**hole to us. Ya know? Like a ‘why are you so rude?’ type of behavior. Buuuut, I’ve come to learn to not be bothered by such foolishness & people such as these. You can learn so much from them. They grow you up, they mature you. They teach you life lessons that would never be taught if your feathers weren’t ever ruffled and your abilities relentlessly challenged.

Life can make us feel as if we have been uprooted and in the eye of a tornado, like we’re being tossed on the waves by winds of hurricanes, and scorched by the unforgiving sun…. there are days that will make you feel as if you will never experience God-good…. And, the amazing that does come seems to only be for a brief moment, lasting long enough for you begin to enjoy it before it’s taken away.

But, then…..

Like beginnings of love, out of nowhere you’re overwhelmed with a realization that can’t easily be put into words. The rain slows, the clouds begin to part and light appears. A rainbow is seen. Puddles begin to dry, you hear the songs of the birds; it’s almost as if life begins all over again.

Receding waters and drenched gardens remind us of what we went through, that we were always kept, & that there will be a tomorrow filled with grace & reason to worship. New life, rainbows, & light testify to the facts that God is always true to his promises, that he sees us, and has a REAL plan to redeem everything we’ve lost.

To witness the darkness give way to light is an act of God that is incomparable. It’s inspiring. It’s beauty in it’s purest, most natural form.

I feel as if I’m walking outside after the worst of storms. Assessing damage, picking through the aftermath in the light & warmth of the sun. Slowly piecing life back together again. Grateful for the new beginning.
The chaos is over. The old is torn down, and foundation for rebuilding something seriously glorious and new has been set. Realizing that that foundation is the sum total of everything we’ve been through, that it is literally the “all” that has been worked together for our good.

God’s grace is more than sufficient, His mercies are unbelievably real.

We have been completely broken, but God has redeemed every piece of our past. He has rebuilt us. He has been with us the whole way comforting us, binding our wounds, wiping our tears, and holding our hands. He has been giving us glimpses of his power and ability, not teasing us, not pulling at our heart strings for his own pleasure; but He has taught us that when we allow Him to lead us, whether through hell & high water or fields of beautifully clothed lilies, He is taking personal care of us. He has never left us.

I realize this post is kind of everywhere, for that I apologize; it’s because my mind and heart are unable to process much right now but at the same time there is an unreal peace and calmness that has settled and left me in a place of disbelief, humility, & amazement.

On Wednesdays we worship because it’s because the faithfulness of our God that new life has begun.



  1. Oh Alaina…I love how you able to speak to not only your situation but mines too. I have been going through an exteremly rough season in my life. I follow your blog because in sense I gain strength when I read your words. I love your crazy awesome love that you have for God. It is just beautiful, I will keep you and your family in my prayers.

    Keep writing,


    • Thank you, Alexis! I really appreciate that and am very grateful that we can go through the hard stuff together! What I do know is that good will come. It IS coming…. just hold on and keep trusting that God truly has your best interests at heart! He will not fail you!

  2. beautiful! love those rainbows he gives us – he knows just what we need & when we need it! have a wonderful weekend!

    • Absolutely! The funniest thing is that He can give us what exactly what we wanted when we thought we’d let it go and moved past it. Amazing and wonderful how what we want and and what God wants for us can be the exact same thing, and it’s beautiful how the timing works out and everything works together!

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