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oh, this life.

We’ve gotta believe Jesus when he says this life is going to be FULL of trouble, because it is. And, it hurts. Deeply.

But, while experiencing these indescribable pains, it’s comforting to know that Christ has overcome the world and all of the evil that resides within it, all of the pain associated with it. We have to trust that he’s serious when he says that he’s near to the broken hearted. That he bends his ear to hear his prayers. That he will never leave us nor forsake us.

I don’t know where to go or what to do after that. Mainly because there’s nothing else to do but cling to the God who saves and heals and redeems.

Trust when we don’t understand.
Go when we don’t see the path.

So difficult.
I have so many friends doing right, loving hard, loving well and their hearts are hurting, their efforts taken for granted, and they are tired. We are tired.

There are often no words to truly heal the heart, what words are unable to do, love does. Community does. Friendship and presence heal.

So thankful for a sensitive heart.
A heart that loves hard and feels others.

A heart that is currently aching for myself and others.

Praying for comfort and healing.


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