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incomprehensible gratitude

20140526-170156-61316749.jpgHave you ever dreamt of something, say an event or experience, and thought you’d have one, specific response but when reality greets you, your response is completely different than what you expected?

That’s where I am.

Stuck somewhere between “no way” and “is this real” … It’s difficult to settle into the realness of a situation so unexpected and GOD sized.

I’m unbelievably grateful and thankful. Just amazed at the absolute kindness, grace, and generosity of our God.

I can’t wait to share with you what God has done and is doing in our lives; I can’t wait to worship & glorify Him with you. I can’t wait for you to see even more of God’s awesomeness alllll in and through our story.

God has truly answered our prayers, he has done more than we could ask or think – in the things we know/see now & in what’s to come.

I hope that in reading our story and walking with us as we’ve experienced the things that we have, you will be able to trust in God a bit more, that you see the benefiting in believing in Him. I hope you feel and see the power, unity, & blessing of having a village/community who stands with you, who prays for you, and encourages you.

God is faithful and his plans are far greater than ours ever could be.

Please pray for us and we go through this process, pray that we are given peace. Pray for our strength and complete faith in the unseen work of God!

You guys are everything! Thank you!!!



  1. This is beautiful, you sound so much like me (:

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