the battle

And, because I always have something else to say……

This battle truly isn’t against flesh and blood. These people you see on a day to day basis are led by something so much greater than they are. On a greater level, we can’t (and don’t) control ourselves, we are controlled by what lives inside of you. The goals of who lives inside of you are automatically and subconsciously yours goals, as well. Overtime, you become more like the one you follow. When the Spirit of the Lord is ruling within you, as a human being you will make some grand mistakes, but there’s something inside of you that crave what is right and what is good. But, when you are filled with the evil one, his goals to kill, steal, and destroy are carried out through you. You are blinded by deceit and covered in darkness so you don’t see what you’re doing, where you’re going, or the outcomes of your actions.

There’s a very good reason God told the Israelites in Exodus to be still and allow Him to fight their battles. I’m not a Jew and I’m not living in the wilderness being led to conquer all of this land, but I am a child God battling those on the other side of the line. God told us that in this life we will struggle, that it isn’t a cake walk, but he also said that he is with us.

We can’t win on our own. I would never, EVER want to go against darkness by myself. Or even with a friend. We’d both lose. Terribly. I’d be distracted by my favorite things and fall into all the honey covered piles of sh*t because I’m being led somewhere random and deceived along the way.

Be sure what side of the line you’re standing on and why. There are times we are on the right side but get muddy in doing the work of God, but even in being muddy, we are covered. There are times we have to be bold and stand up for what is right. To be strong and courageous as we’re told over and over again.

Psalms 3:3 
But you Lord are a shield around me, my glory, The One who lifts my head high.

If you listen to Israel Houghton, you probably sang the first part of that verse!  I always end up singing “you, Lord, are a shield around me, everywhere, everywhere that I go!” from Everywhere That I Go when I read that chapter of Psalms. lol.     Great song declaring God’s promises to His children!

Y’all be easy…. thanks for listening to my heart. This really is my safe place, my space to let it all out. You’re gracious to keep reading and filling my inbox with your good. A million thanks will never quite do it.

Post jams: Champion by Tye Tribbett, Whom Shall I Fear (God of Angel Armies) by Chris Tomlin



  1. thank you for this friend!

  2. Kandice Ewing says:

    Wow! I am in tears! God’s love and mercy and strength and sovereignty is AMAZING! Even in our deepest hurts, we can look to Him. Rest in Him. Be strengthened by Him. And be restored by Him. Your love and trust in Him has encouraged me today! I know what you are going through can’t be easy. Oh the joy that our Father see when you lift Him up anyway. When you declare His gdness anyway! When you stand firm and believe and share your heart! I’m praying that God will give you the strength, hope and endurance needed for your life! May He continue to clothe you in dignity & strength. May He give u peace when u lay down and joy when you wake up. May His loving kindness wash over you and your family and protect u on every side! I love u my sister. And I am praying 4 u!

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