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… park days

A bit of play time and hanging out at the park tonight…. Nothing major, just the kid, the hubs, and I. 
3I never want to forget how she holds snacks in both hands, how she bounces to music when she sits on her knees, how she claps and “rolls them up” when we sing Patty Cake. I’m waiting for the day she signs “eat” as I’ve been modeling like a maniac for about a week.

2At c4c, a friend of my friend shared a word with me that God laid on her heart for me. It was believe. For the past couple of days, one sweet adoptive mama friend of mine has repeated that word to me over and over again, not even knowing about the c4c experience. I just realized that I struggle with believing. Believing certain things about myself, believing other’s views/feelings towards me, believing that good things will happen.  Praying for belief, for TRUST.

funnyFunniest story, Drew sharing her goldfish with me without quite sharing them. It literally made us laugh out loud which caused her to keep “sharing” which made us laugh harder.

kissesSo thankful for the opportunity to receive goodness from women who truly love God, women who are supportive and kind and true friends. 

Thankful for the opportunity to care for this sweet girl. She’s a pure delight, a bigger blessing than I ever imagined.
I love and am humbled by the mirror placed in front of me when leading and growing this little girl. How I am reminded and encouraged to show patience and grace because God, my father, shows unending and unwavering patience, grace, and forgiveness for me daily. Positions me to be even more thankful to be loved so well when I don’t deserve an ounce of it on my best days by our God.benchBig day tomorrow, court in the morning. Praying that the system will work, that the truth will outweigh the lies, that light will drive out darkness. That I will remain sane and strong. Praying to God to believe all of things things will happen.

blurryThankful for the opportunity to trust God in a new way, to experience his love, comfort, and grace in these very difficult moments.

Thankful for the solidarity of my friends and family, my adoptive mama community. Y’all are more than amazing.

Post jam: so many of y’all said Rend Collective was preeety legit so I’m listening to them now. So far, so good. No favorites yet, but I’m enjoying their music. Lighthouse popped up first, so that’s what’s playing now!



  1. This is just perfect. What a wonderful park date. I can’t handle how wonderful these photos are. I love you and stand beside you all the way oxxo

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