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… hi, baby drew


Y’all.  Y’all. Y’all.
It’s taken me a week and a few days to finally pop my lid… which rarely happens.

I want to be honest and up front, very open and real about what I’m experiencing. At the same time, I have to be careful to guard my heart and use wisdom in what and when I’m sharing my heart. And, I want to be extra sensitive when it comes to sharing our child(ren)’s stories as they are very personal and special. I want to respect that sacred part of them.

And, I’ve been a bit gun shy lately.

This infertility and adoption journey has taught me a great many of things… a lot of those things centered around communicating and the details of it. When to share, how to share, and what to share have been real struggles for me in general but also because things change so often and it’s such an emotional roller coaster. It tempts pride to have to back peddle and take this back and explain this, and the like. But, again. I want to be honest with myself specifically, and definitely you, about my story and experiences.

I’ve experienced so many hurts over the past few years, while writing about every piece of my story helps a lot, the public-ness of it all can make it very difficult, too. So, I apologize if I’ve offended friends and family by positioning you to hear about this here first, please understand that sharing has become very hard.

With that said,
we are officially in the process of adopting a little, sweet tenth month old girl. She is sweet, strong, loving, happy, friendly, and incredibly smart.
drew copyShe is the big sister to the twins we planned to adopt; you’ll have seen her on the blog before and on my ‘gram dubbed “big sister”.

{{those cheeks are purrrrrfect for kissing!!}}

I’m not going to go into too much detail about what’s going on right now – i just ask that you pray mightily for God’s will to be done and for this sweet girl’s heart. Pray for us, for her birth family, and for our entire process as we move forward.

Although, it feels as if my relationship with the birth mother that began maybe seven or eight years ago and everything that has come from that was written just for this moment; I know that this is not my circus. She is ultimately not my child. And, that all of this will glorify God. So much of this particular part of our story already has. She is God’s child, first. His beautiful creation formed from his very vivid imagination.
The final period of her story has already been written and we are faithfully walking it out with her. God loves her more than anyone ever could and his plans are better than ours ever will be. We are faithfully trusting God with her, our hearts, and our family.
dg4Right now, my focus is to love her as Jesus does. To be as patient with her as Christ is to me. To make her feel loved and secure. To make her laugh, rock her to sleep, to comfort her when she’s fussy, and to just be there. Holding her hand, kissing her cheeks, and praying and speaking God’s truths over her everyday.

She’s hilarious and so full of personality. She hums to music, makes kissy sounds, rubs noses with you if you say “gimme nose!”, and has picked up blowing air and spitting (side eye!!). She is truly an immense joy and this past week and a few days has been more than I ever could have imagined.

The shirt she’s wearing is literally one of my favorites of hers…. it’s a shirt I initially bought for Holland from Peek, but suits her so incredibly well. This little gem is a miracle on so many different levels. She has no idea how special and right on time she is. But, God does. And, I do. I hope to instill that inside of her for as long as she is with us…. that is so very special and loved a great deal. By her adoptive family. Her birth family. By her Creator and Christ Jesus.

As our little one’s story continues to unfold, day by day, please keep us in your prayers. Pray that God’s will be done and that we are honoring God in all that we do.

You guys have been so wonderful to us… And, I appreciate you so very much. For staying with us, for praying with us, for your messages, your friendship, and your support. It means the world.

And, as excited as I am, the reality of the situation is unknown so I’m not sure that I’ve truly allowed myself to truly exhale.  But, today. She woke up from her nap, looked at me, and just smiled. I said, as I generally do, “Hi! I’m so glad you’re awake!” and just cried. Because, she is here. Our girl, our dream. And, she fits so insanely perfectly with us – it’s almost as if she’s been here all along. And, for the recognition of God’s goodness and faithfulness, I am grateful for.  For that moment, amongst a ton of others, everything was so real.

… here’s to adoption. to the future. to our God who comforts us with his love, who sings over us, and who so selflessly died on the cross for our sins out of obedience to his father and his unending love for us.

cue: more tears. thank you, God.



  1. So Happy for you and TC!!!!!!!!

  2. God has a plan and I will continue to keep you guys in my prayers. Love you!

  3. She looks like your husband!!

  4. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! So happy for you and your husband!!! This is amazing!

  5. Angela Francis says

    She is precious. We pray daily for all involved that God’s will is done.

  6. Jamie Nevill says

    Beautiful!!!! She is so precious and I’m do happy for you and your husband!

  7. She is soo gorgeous!!! Soo awesome! Loving the look of your blog! Mine needs a big facelift!!

  8. Congrats!!!! Such a blessing

  9. You guys and your little angel are continuously in my prayers. She is such a sweetie and you are an inspiration of how to trust God no matter what!!! Oh my gosh, reading your blog….tears!! Glory to God!! Forever sending y’all my love and lifting y’all in prayer.

  10. I am in tears and overly elated with joy!!!! She is yours and i will stand firm in that proclamation with you both! Congrats in advance. #GodissoGood

  11. I seriously cried I’m so happy for you 🙂 I know you will be the best mother to this beautiful girl!! My prayers are with you 🙂

    • That’s the hope – that we’ll be able to parent her and that I’ll be great! LOL!!!! Thank you for praying with us!!

  12. My beautiful friend. I am just seeing this. Oh I am so happy for you and continuing to pray along with you. Love you sooo much!!

  13. OMG!! I’m soooooooooo happy for you! She is a beautiful addition to your family! Congrats! I’ll def keep you guys in my prayers!! God is so faithful!

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