… early mornings

This past week, my husband and I sat on the patio working, enjoying the weather, and soaking up the rare Spring mornings that will be over VERY soon.

Witnessing the day “wake up” was pretty sweet.
Between the birds singing, the sky brightening, and the peacefulness of it all was nothing short of perfect.

Then typical Alaina type random thoughts begin to swirl through my head. Amongst the most normal was this one about how every bird has been given a song by God…. whether loved by all or not, still honors God.

Everyday these birds sing the songs that they are given. Loudly. Clearly. with no shame.
Not the songs they wrote or chose for themselves, but ones created and planned especially for them.
By God. The Creator of all things.

These are the songs that honor and bring glory to God – by believers and non-believers alike.

Atheist, apathetic, or someone of a different religious affiliation all delight in the creations of God.
Like the sunrise, the sunset, and the ocean’s waves.
They all attest to the majestic and detailed Creator.

These creations cause wonder. They cause people to stop in their tracks, people are taken by the beauty of the Lord’s imagination.

Each creation tells of the magnificence of God.

There’s almost nothing like it….

Except for you and I.
We are God’s creations… prioritized and loved higher than any other creation.
Even with our sin issues, mistakes, and past that makes us cringe.

We are each given a story. A life planned beautifully, no matter how difficult or tragic is has been or is currently. Our God has given us a life that is meant to honor and glorify Him.

We are each given the ability and power in Jesus to respond to life in such a way that will cause people to draw to you, to taken by you because of the love and light that radiates from you. A love and light that only comes from Christ.

Life doesn’t always turn out exactly how we want it to…. it’s not always a fairytale…. we don’t always get what we want, when we want it. Sometimes, we are honestly dealt a pretty crappy hand.

But, if we have a Christ focused perspective – even the worst of the worst times can point others to Jesus. If it just be our attitude and peace during the situation.

… here’s to trusting God enough to walk quietly beside him, holding (squeezing) his hand along the way.


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