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… getting through the rough

It’s truly days like today when I know that this God I desire to immolate, serve, and seek hears me and truly comforts me. It’s days like this that I take comfort in trusting in fear, submitting when I so fervently want to hold onto what I want, and thanking God for the deep waters He keeps under my feet.

It was rough…. the emotions of the past few weeks/months/years that have taken a serious toll on me, my husband, and our relationship all came to head and that feeling of “fight” that can settle in your gut wouldn’t give. After many tears, an ugly cry face here and there, along with some serious prayer, I felt some serious relief.

Truly getting to the place where you’re open, willing, and okay with an offering of everything you love for what God has for you is the scariest and most difficult place to be. But, it standing there boldly offering it up for the trade off of more Jesus and what he wants for you is definitely worth it.  It’s definitely not easy to battle against the Holy Spirit and remain in a prideful place out of fear of what’s next…. out of a lack of faith and trust. Out of just being darn stubborn. It’s not easy but as contradictory as it sounds, it just tends to be more uncomfortably comfortable inside our comfort zones than outside, until we experience the outside. there’s so much freedom and joy in trusting God…. we just have to be bold enough to do it.

Ecclesiastes 3:11
For God makes everything beautiful in it’s own time.

Days like today need to be embedded in my mind… Sharpie’d on the calendar and celebrated weekly. These are the days that remind you that you can, in fact, make it through the hardest of days… That the difficult days can (by nothing but grace) turn so quickly into a peaceful day… that God does, in fact, have your back…. and, you can, for sure, count on those faithful ones He puts around you.

I’m so thankful for a sister (in law) who truly has servant’s heart and will stop what she’s doing to listen and advise. Who is gentle yet bold with the truth, who asks the tough questions and is right there with you as you talk/think through the answers.

Community is something powerful and I’m so grateful for it. There’s a lot I wouldn’t have sanely made it through without my people standing along side me. Family… friends…. IG mamas (Y’alls prayers/emails/texts are the business….) I’m thankful for y’all. 🙂

…. here’s to the worst not turning out to not be so bad! lol. 🙂


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