… big sister

So if you’ve seen my Insta feed (or a post from a week or so ago), you may have noticed that over the past couple of weeks I’d post pictures of H & C’s big sister. She’s spent the last few weekends with us and we have been having a complete blast.

2She’s the cutest… Sweetest… Funniest… Silliest…. Most curious… Smartest… And, snuggliest little person EVER.

And, the wiggliest.
3Right now, all we really do is wake up, eat, play, change diapers, sleep and repeat x4 which is perfectly okay with me…. We haven’t gone out too much – just staying home and hanging out and experiencing each other as much as possible.

If I told you how much time I spend snuggling her, holding her, carrying her, watching her, playing with her, and just soaking up every stinking moment with her you’d think I got nothing done during the day.

But, we do a lot together. I see why my mama friends call their children their friends… these kiddos are right next to you going through life with you. You talk about your day, what you’re doing at every moment, lots of eye contact, and side by side experiences shared.

Bonding. Attaching.

Big sister is a big deal. God has his hand on her and she is truly truly a little blessing in so many ways.

I’m definitely going to miss her this weekend… for good cause. I’m headed to Created For Care this week. A weekend conference for adoptive/foster care mamas and I am beyond excited about what will come from it. The women behind this retreat have put so much thought, effort, prayer, and planning into bringing us all together to celebrate, refresh, and encourage us  in the various points of our journeys. They’ve literally gone as far as to email us our dinner table assignments so that we can “introduce” ourselves to each other before meeting this weekend. 

If there’s one thing I have learned about the adoptive community is that it is real. These women are genuine, caring, welcoming, helpful, and love God with a passion that is insane. I believe that when you adopt, you see so many things in a different way and your relationship with Christ is one of the largest aspects of my life that have changed. You recognize that the adoption story you are living is a mirror image of your adoption story in the family of Christ. We were lonely and alone … broken and hurting on various levels for various reasons. Reasons that made us who we are, reasons that brought us to Christ at the perfect time. Reasons that will have us appreciating and loving Him for very specific reasons. We weren’t perfect before our adoption, but we were loved despite our illnesses, color, region/country/state of origin… despite who our parents were or their individual issues… no matter prognosis or diagnosis. He took us in and loved us. And, because of that sacrifice that was made with full disclosure of who were are, we have the grace and freedom to become much more than we could have been. We are able to serve and love others the way we have been served and loved. We are able to empathize with others. We can see past what can easily be seen and see the heart and hurt of another and make the conscious decision to put them above ourselves. 

6Adoption is exhausting. Painful. Sad. Amazing. Encouraging. Mind, heart, and soul altering. Community building. World changing. It’s about redemption… it’s about impacting lives… changing lives… and, sharing the love of God with the world.

As a true introvert, I’m incredibly nervous about this weekend; it usually takes me a bit to warm up to people I don’t know but I’m trusting that the emails and group postings that have been going on over the past week or so will prove to be helpful. I’m anticipating greatness this weekend and hoping my shyness doesn’t completely take over. I would totally be okay with standing along the perimeter of the room watching, sitting in the back of break outs taking notes and maybe making friends with the mama sitting next to me; staying within my comfort zone. I’m praying about opening up and being social; taking the initiative and saying “Hello” first…… all of that truly just freaks. me. out. just thinking about it. And, I’ll be anxious all week.

But, I lived life on the wild side and registered for this retreat not knowing anyone who maybe going… I reached out in the group and have found roommates, asked/answered questions, and have made a few more Insta friends…. So, hopefully it won’t be as intimidating as I’m thinking it could be.

… here’s to weekends with the cutest little person and taking seriously the life you’re given. It’s so not about us.




  1. I don’t know you yet, but I’m already in love with your heart and passion. I cannot wait to meet you this weekend, and give you a great big hug as we take it all in that we are literally surrounded by a community of women who understand EXACTLY.

    • I am looking forward to it!!! And, I give you permission to PULL me away from a corner and the back of the room!! I am excited about tangibly touching, hugging, and laughing with the community in person. It’s excited. I think I’m more excited than scared!

  2. I am so happy for you and watching you fall in love and love a little girl … Who God has selected just for you & your hubby! The unconditional and uninhibited love that children give far out weighs anything that stands in the space of delay.

    • I hope so. The delay is a bit too much for me right now, but what do you do, ya know? Thank ya! Can’t wait for Thursday!

  3. Aurora McQueen says

    Hi, we’ve never met but I’ve been following your story for quite some time. It is truly An inspiration. This baby is so precious. And the matching is just adorable! Are you all adopting her?

    • Oh fun! Thanks for reading!!!! lol. I absolutely was NOT trying to match us….. at all. I almost changed my clothes but wanted to wear the belt! lol….. 🙂

  4. She is gorgeous and I am so happy for you! I look forward to meeting her! Xoxo

    Have an amazing time at the conference! No anxiety! Only calm assurance! Love you!

    • She is ridiculously gorgeous! lol…. I don’t even understand how she is as beautiful and sweet and funny as she is! Calm assurance – I’ll try!

  5. Sherrill says

    Words can not express the joy hats in my heart for you and T. God great and greatly to be Praised!! Have a fantastic time tuis weekend and continue to bond and grow I love with this precious gift!

    • Thank you, Sherrill!! Definitely going to have a wonderful time away and I promise that I will continue to bond and grow and love!

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