… thoughts on being a doer

I’m a doer…. I enjoy doing and giving and seeing the happiness of others fuels my desire to do more.

So….. I struggle when I FEEL my actions are taken for granted or unappreciated. & I struggle with my motives because of what I know about why we do things we do.

Here’re my thoughts…..

Working hard to prepare the best meal, gift, presentation, display etc – we look for responses. As people, as humans- it’s a part of our nature to give & expect a response.
Reap & sow.
Any form of communication.
Pressing a button……
Doesn’t matter what we do, something always happens.

One reason I know I get tired of giving and giving and giving is because the response isn’t always what I expect or hoped for. So it takes the wind out if my sails.
Even when I did the act out of love for the person, because I enjoyed it – even when my motive is pure, the fleshy part of me is hurt.

I’m believing God to be the source of the umph that gets me over the disappointment and focused on serving HIM again in spite of the response.

I know that God is proud and sees the love I show his people…. It isn’t lost to him. And, I also know that I will one day receive the response from HIM that I truly desire and have been looking for in people.

If I am patient.

I can’t become impatient with receiving the promises of God and look for fulfillment elsewhere.

All of this is about God-loving people around us. It’s about serving Him in a way that honors Him & shows the world who He is by being who we are in Him. Especially in the most trying of times …

That’s when His light shines the brightest in our lives. When it’s dark…… In the darkness, we’re able to truly see His light. When we allow Him to shine in our darkness or when it’s his light shining through us as we’re there in the darkness others are experiencing.

It all points back to God.
Who I am. How I speak. How I respond. The manner in which I keep going.

Big response, little response. No response. We do. We give. We share. We serve. We love.

Because none of it is about us.



  1. I’ve been learning a similar thing lately, related to parenting. It’s my job to be faithful. The outcome is up to God.
    Maybe we’ll see each other at C4C in a couple weeks.

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