… looking ahead


First and foremost, I got to hang with this cutie this past weekend…… She is a load of sweet hugs, adorable giggles, & beautiful smiles all rolled into one tiny package!! H&C’s big sister is a whole lot of cute and a ton of perfect!!

She’s always fun to hang around and the fact that she loves Thomas so much is entertaining and definitely causes little explosions of the heart!

I know a lot of you are wondering what we are going to do next. And, to be quite honest, we are, too.
Life sometimes moves at a pace you’re not quite able to keep up with and I believe that standing still for a moment and being honest about what is happening helps you make your best decisions. So, right now, we’re standing still. We’re waiting. And, praying. Trusting God to lead us in what we’re supposed to do next and not allowing our feelings to guide us.

I can’t say that I will be as open the next go round, but I will definitely do my best to be as forthcoming & honest as I can be while protecting my heart as well.


I love the song Adelina by JohnnySwim – they’re a beautiful husband and wife duo that I saw last summer. Abner (the hubs) signed my cd and it was played continuously last summer and my nieces would walk around the house singing this song.

The hook says:
“Just keep waiting, the end is fated. It’s still raining but the sun still shining high. And, I know it’s a wager, waiting for an anchor; but the sea won’t overtake you, you won’t be let down…… “

This time is difficult. It really is and it seems as if I’ve gotten used to the ache and am nearly numb to it. That I hate. It’s effected so many aspects of my life and I feel that there is very little that I truly pour my everything into. But, I know that at the perfect time things will shift and there will be beauty traded for ashes and joy instead of sadness and praise instead of despair. Soon.

Until then, we patiently wait.

… here’s to never going under.



  1. This is great! Praying for you.

  2. Alaina you have always been such an amazing young woman. God Bless you and you sweet family.


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