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… my hope


Yes. I. Did.
And, I love it.

Every time I look at my wrist, I smile & my heart stirs a little.

20140113-161927.jpg This little, dime size tattoo means the entire world to me and I am so proud of my “baby ancho r”!
{Even though it’s tiny; it packs a punch!}

Hebrews 6:19 says that “we have this hope as an anchor for our soul, strong and secure.”
We have hope in our salvation. In Christ’s return. In His acknowledgement of our love shown to God in how we relate to each other.

This little anchor symbolizes hope and faith.
In God’s promises. In who He is. In His word.

I can’t help but smile.
(I sent this picture to my brother (who has a ton of tattoos, & he says “you can barely see it!” …… I’m guessing in order to be fully accepted into the community, you must have large tattoos??? LMBO!)

20140113-163215.jpgI smile at the promises I’ve been given, the anyway love that will endure forever. I smile & think of who our God is. I’m instantly humbled at His great love; that he would promise such great things to me knowing I would constantly fail Him. Humbled at the love and grace he mercifully pours out onto us.
I smile confidently because no matter what happens in this life, I know that my soul is secure and his promises are true. No matter how heavy my cross becomes or how I mess up, God is with me. And, how much do things really matter in comparison to that truth?

My sweet anchor is a constant reminder of the grace of God. His very own peace he offers us and the love he has for us.
This little thing means the world to me.
{and, yes I had about 5 friends with me….. There was lots of picture and taking and video recording going on! “Hoopla for a tiny tattoo that won’t take 5 minutes!!” Yup. 🙂

Yes. I have a nose piecing, too! …. That I also got at the very same place I was tattooed!

…. here’s to my 31st year!


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