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… h & c • 23 wks


23 weeks… This seems so unreal.

My girls will be here in a few very short weeks.
Because we’re expecting twins, our goal week is 35 weeks. So, we have literally 12 weeks to go before the girls make their little debuts.

Twelve weeks isn’t very long but because there have been a few complications and the obvious move from full mobility to limited bed rest and possibly soon full bed rest, each day is incredibly important.

Every week, until our girls arrive, I will be posting what week they’re on & the development that happening with them. I’m asking that you pray for our girls’ health & that they are developing as they should and that they stay put for as long as possible. Although we know that medicine is constantly advancing & they could survive with some serious medical intervention at 24 weeks (a week away), we also know that it is best for them to remain in utero.

This week……
Size: mango
We have some major brain development going on! Their little cerebrums (where intellect, motor control, & memory are located) are developing folds & other regions of the brain are also developing. Their lungs are still maturing & hearing is also improving! & they’re moving quite a bit!

The girls have been active for a while and our prayer is that continue to play, stretch, and try to find comfortable positioning the rest of their stay!

I’m believing God for their overall health…… I know you’re trusting Him, too!

Will you pray with us weekly/daily for our babes??
…. And, our birth family, as well?? While this is such an amazing, amazing time for us, it’s very difficult for our birth family. We are looking forward to two very sweet, long awaited girls while they’ll experience a great loss. No matter how much we’re helping each other, it doesn’t make that truth any easier to accept or less painful. Thank you!

…. here’s to you – our support, our friends, our readers, and family. You’ve been more than we could ever ask for!


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