… do you consider…

Do you ever consider how God treats you?? I mean, we “know” the generic statements of how God loves all the little children & how we love Christ because he loved us first, but have you ever truly THOUGHT on what that really means? And, why when we understand that, it’s not a stretch for us to treat others with the same kindness & love that God treats us with. It’s so much easier.

Do you consider…
How carefully he Created you?
We, as images of Him, are more important to him than flowers, than birds, than the skies he paints daily. Do you ever look at the detail of any of those creations? They are insanely intricate; but, he loves us more. He took so much more time with us than those amazing creations. He breathed his breathe inside of us, allows us to commune with Him. No other creation can do that. No other creation is offered salvation.

Do you know how meticulously he cares for you?
Not only did he carefully create the skies and the flowers, the peacocks and the giraffes (a couple of my favorite animals); but he provides for them. They don’t work for their food. He tells us to watch the birds and see how they don’t stress about food, they look for it, and they are always provided for (Matt. 6:26). So because we know he provides for birds, he will definitely provide for us, as well.
He has great plans for us.
We know someone loves us when they truly take time to plan for us. Nothing says “I love you” or “You are special” like a well thought out evening/celebration/gift/night in/whatever, right? The planner was thoughtful of you. They put things together well just for you. God does the same thing. We just have to trust and wait, listen and be willing to be led by the Spirit. We have to be okay with letting go of what we want, the things we see with our own eyes and create with our own minds to and be willing to exchange that for what God has planned for us. It’s greater than anything we could ever think of or imagine (1 Corinthians 2:9).

Can you imagine how fiercely he protects you?
We know how protective we are of our loved ones… How much more protective would the one who created us be?
God protects us from or through situations all. of. the. time. Sometimes my curiosity gets the best of me and I wonder what’s been prevented because of God’s insane intervention or plan, but quickly realize that it’s not worth the energy. Those are the things we’ll never know we were protected from. Then, we have the moments when we look back and think, “THANK GOD THAT DIDNT WORK OUT!” or our next option has been such a blessing and benefit that the better looking first option isn’t even up for discussion.

Do you trust how gently & deeply he loves you?
I’ve used the phrase “anyway love” so many times in the last few months. Understanding that God loves us anyway. In spite of our sin, in spite of how we defy or push away from him, and how we choose to so our own thing constantly. No matter how we hurt each other and choose to ignore His voice. No matter what, how often, or for how long. His love never wavers and he never loves us less. There is no ebb and flow to His love. His love endures forever.

Can you grasp how he “forever forgives” you??
Your sin is gone…… Along with the memory of your sin. He won’t being it up again. He won’t be okay one day then is hurt/angered/hard hearted again because he thought of _____ again. It’s done. He doesn’t “forgive but never forget”. He knows that keeping a tally of wrongs cannot allow you to fully embrace someone & love them anyway. It’s nearly impossible to have have an issue with pure love. We will have some sort of negative response; it may not show outwardly but it’s there. It prevents relationships from functioning at their peak. More importantly, when we are at odds with each other, we aren’t at peace with God. We can’t come to Him with unforgiveness in our hearts. His forgiveness allows us to commune with Him as darkness and light can’t coexist. He has to make cleanse us in order for us to be in his presence.

It’s in all of these ways that we are shown God’s heart for us. He shows us in action how much he cares.

But, how are we showing each other this same love? Are we putting others ahead of ourselves? Are we considering others as more important than ourselves? Are we completing each action in love??

A tough question:
Are we committed to anyway loving others and forever forgiving them or are we intrigued with the sweet & noble thought?? If we are committed, we’ll keep showering those around us with love, grace, & mercy until they get better. And, we can do it because that’s how God loves us. He soaks us in such a way that we can’t help but respond and that response honors our Lord in some way at some point. If we’re committed, we’ll continue showing love even when someone is being unloveable. No matter how often. No matter how long.

The goal is to be like Christ in all our ways…… Choosing to love others as we are loved is a great start. 🙂

…. here’s to being committed.


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