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Can you hear him cheering for you? Did you ever consider that he actually did?

I never did. Why I never thought if it, I really don’t know. I’m guessing it’s all in how we tend to package Christ.

I was reading Live 10 today, a book written by Terry A. Smith & he says that Jesus was our cheerleader. That he cheers us through life. My first thought. That’s cute… I read a bit more and moved on.
I’m not one who accepts everything that’s told to me. I’ll sit on it, think, overthink, debate it, ask questions, whatever. Mull it around a little bit.

Hours later the thought pops into my mind, “Jesus does cheer for us!!!!!” And, I fell in love.

I had to consider who Jesus was. And, why someone would label Him a cheerleader. He’s Jesus. He doesn’t cheer. He sits on the throne and chills. He went through a lot for us and he watches us in agony as we toss him aside, behave ungratefully, and are unkind to each other. Right? Yes, he’s grace and forgiveness and love wrapped up in one but does that really mean he’s our CHEERLEADER?! That he’s encouraging us, shouting in uncontainable excitement as we run our race?? Is he really eager about us?? Is he there, pumping us up tirelessly as the crowd disappears because things are looking a bit…. Sad?

He’s our FRIEND. And, because he loves us with a love that incomprehensible, he is our best friend. I’m not sure if it’s a stretch to say that we can put our friend Jesus in the same place as another in the body of Christ.
But for argument’s sake, let’s say we can. That we have this friend (Jesus) that we’re going through life with. The Bible commands us to speak encouraging words to each other, to uplift each other, pray for each other, to counsel each other, to teach and guide. To be there. To be kind and forgiving, loving and patient.

Isn’t that Jesus?

What does that friend look like?
The loud one. The one who we can call at any time to cry or celebrate with. The one who believes BIG in us. The one who says, “You can do it!!!” and supports us in that endeavor in whatever way they have the capacity to do. They are there for every major and minor event. A phone call/text away. They are love. They are consistent. They are grace, wisdom, tact, a fussing when we need one.

Isn’t that Jesus?

I believe it is.

My mind has changed about who Jesus really can be. I’m willing to remove him from this stoic, super serious box I’ve kept him in.

Jesus doesn’t tell us that he is with us wherever we go (Joshua 1:9), he doesn’t say he won’t leave for forsake us (Deuteronomy 31:6) , or that he gives us his peace (John 14:27), and the power to overcome only to sit by quietly watching us fall apart in the last minutes of the fourth quarter…. Or, even blow away the rude and harsh with a love and kindness we know only came from Him.

Certainly he has our back and he is LOUD & PROUD, he comes early & leaves late. He’s talking us up in the locker room and pushes us when we’re down, when we’ve lost yardage, or struck out. He’s the fan that follows the bus no matter how far the away game is. He’s there. He gives us a confident “next game.” when we blow it.

He has given us his power, his peace, his love, hisself…….. Not to sit back and watch us become frustrated.

I can’t believe that someone who wants has died for me, who intercedes for me, who is WITH ME- is a silent onlooker.

…. he’s cheering. he’s my audience. he is with me when I’m alone. he listens to me, supports me, and pushes me to do better. He’s encouraging me to do all the things he’s given me the power to do:
• peaceful • kind • compassionate • loving • forgiving • joyful in tough times • gracious • loving

Can that be our God, too?? Can’t He be passionate about us? When there’s a war between good & evil in heavenly places – certainly he isn’t passive about his soldiers. Right??

He chose & placed us where we are knowing we’d be put through the wringer – certainly he isn’t quiet as we go through.

… here’s to being thankful for widened perspectives and a shift. Thinking BIGGER about Christ.


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