… the magic


Peace and quiet.
Early, chilly mornings.
No alarm clock.
No rushing to work.
Just peace.
(For now…. I know these days are quickly coming to an end, & I’m soaking up every bit of it!)

And, a brother who still makes fun of me no matter how old we get. and, borrows my car.

He’s found his way home for the holidays and that’s pretty dern special. Especially since he’s hanging at my house while he’s here!

I don’t think anyone gets sick of the holidays……. The essence of the holidays is magic and joy!
The kind of joy that engages us and magic that captures our attention with a giddiness and expectancy we don’t often feel throughout the year.

From the birth of Christ, to Elf on the Shelf (which I FULLY plan to indulge in come next Christmas), the trees/lights, & Santa- Christmas is magical.

We have a Savior whose birth was smack in the middle of a King’s plan to nix all first born baby boys out of fear & pride… He made it out. He was born in a smelly manger but was honored & worshipped for the promises he would fulfill, the lives he would change, & the peace he would bring to the world.
Magical how a little babe could and would do so much for us…. How he would teach us to love, forgive, relate to & sacrifice for one another. How He would do all of those things for us. How special.

…… Now moving over a bit

Elf on the Shelf & Santa.

How freaking fun & exciting for kids. Yes, once they get older they’ll come to know the truth (Santa does exist – just in the form of the giver of the gift!!) …. but, why spoil the fun??

I believe that you can do whatever you want in whatever way you want. (I fully embrace freedom from the law in appropriate situations!) So maybe your friend’s elf Blink makes snow angels and ice skates on powdered sugar….. Your Elf Raine may be charitable & bake cookies and leave you a note asking you to give them to a neighbor.

Whatever. Doesn’t matter. Any moment can be a teachable & fun moment for kids. And, you’re free do incorporate your goals & preferences however you’d like!

Santa…. You’re asking for the things you desire most from someone believed to be able to make it happen – no matter how big or absurd it sounds…..
(I won’t discuss my perspectives about this here, at this point…. Lol…. Maybe at a later date.)
The anticipation behind waiting to see if you got what you really wanted is gut wrenching and exciting and….. Special. To know that there’s someone who hears you when you get what you want and an awesome opportunity to discuss plans, patience and good responses to deal life when we don’t.

And the Christmas lights…… Die a thousand times.
The lights and complete shift of emotions and feel of the air is something special.
And, I don’t believe that ever gets old. Ever. To anyone. It’s everything beautiful.

We all love looking forward to something special. We all enjoy a little magic. Getting what we’ve longed for……. Seeing excitement in the faces of our loved ones.

Keeping up with traditions, embracing new ones.

It’s all magical. It’s what’s never forgotten.
It’s what we look forward to every year.

I hope you’re enjoying the magic of the holidays in whatever ways you deem special.



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