… like works of art


I have trouble with believing who God says I am. I have trouble truly seeing myself as He’s declares me to be, and often I need reminders. And, affirmation. And, confirmation. An ego boost or a word of encouragement or confidence.
Unfortunately, we can’t always count on those around us to be our biggest supporters, and that sometimes leaves us (well, me), feeling let down & not as strong as I should feel. I forget that this feeling of strength should come directly from the Holy Spirit, be based in the word God has spoken, & the fact that Christ thought I was worth His life.
My good and bad was worth dying over.

Then, I realized that we as people struggle with loving each other in action because we don’t take the time to see another person for who they are.

Let me explain……
People are made up of two works of art that both happen to be beautiful – obvious (the non-technical, Alaina term) & abstract (techy term).
* obvious artwork is so astonishingly beautiful, it’s evident to everyone who lays eyes on it. It’s the AMAZING that’s inside of us that clear & pristine. It’s usually the public us. (Outer beauty, gifts/talents, character, etc)
* sometimes, the beauty isn’t as clearly seen, it’s more abstract. It initially looks a mess, everything is everywhere but there is beauty to be appreciated and seen if gazed upon by the right person.

The hectic nature of an abstract piece doesn’t make the work of art any less beautiful….. The right person makes all the difference.

All of us were made in the image of God and are therefore incredibly beautiful in all of our abstract & ovoid ways.

We have to make sure we are looking to God first and foremost to be made aware of and receive confirmation of our beauty. Then, put people around us who see that God beauty inside of us. It’s so easy to be broken down & made to believe that we are so much less that who we are created to be. We have to constantly align our thoughts and beliefs with God’s, or else we can easily be swayed by the ever changing thoughts of people.

I’m beginning to believe that it’s our unique/abstract beauty that binds us to others. It’s that beauty that draws our best friends, our loves, and where our gifts are birthed from. It’s what people fall in love with. Our quirks, our uniqueness. It’s what makes us us. It’s our feisty ways, sense of humor, our wit. Our impatience, our sternness, our relentless attention to detail. It’s any and everything that can be seen as a negative.

Those who see the beauty within our abstract-ness will be the ones who encourage us. Stand by us. Love in with that “anyway” kinda love that sees our faults but love us heavy anyway. They see the beauty in mess.

The wonderful part is that when the abstract beauty (the quirks, shifty attitude, personality issues, impatience, etc) are gazed upon & treated so gently with grace by the right person, those qualities can improve. So, that as time progresses – beauty becomes less abstract and more obvious.

This is what Christ’s love does for us. He sees our beauty – all of it- but also knows that there are abstract parts of us that need an extra dose of grace & patience to reveal the beauty underneath.

We can do this for each other, in real life. Understanding that because no one is perfect, and we all have the difficulties of abstract beauty – we should be able work with each other graciously. Patiently. And, with forgiveness.

There is beauty in those we don’t particularly care for because if their personality kinks. In our spouses when we don’t feel as they are being who we think they should be at any given moment. Our kids when they are learning good character and becoming less selfish & more self controlled.

When we begin to realize we’re on the same playing field & see them at others through the lens of grace – we’ll be able to accept the next person’s abstract beauty & live peaceably with them. We’ll be able to see them as a beautiful creation (period) who needs as much love, grace, & forgiveness as I do in order to become everything God has for them to be.

The key is finding those who love you anyway. Love you with a hard, enduring, celebratory love – because no matter who you are right now, you are worth loving.

•••• You are worth celebrating. ••••
There is SOMETHING about you that is beautiful. You may need to become more patient, gracious, & forgiving but those things don’t make you any less worthwhile. Any less lovable.
*** however: if you aren’t working to improve your character & personality issues, these problems could cost you relationships. Not because those around you aren’t willing to stand by you. Your desire to remain in the dysfunction of negativity & keep up not so cool behaviors will push people away & tear your relationships a part. (To be blunt. Yikes.)

God makes everything beautiful in His time. Ecclesiastes 3:11
And by everything, I truly believe He means “everything” in its truest definition; we just have to endure until that moment. We have to love like he loves. Be just as gracious, just as patient & peace. We have to bind our hearts to his and he will give us everything we need to persevere through any and every situation.

… here’s to loving others with an “anyway” kinda & depending on God to mold us into exactly who He wants us to be….. Trusting, believing, & accepting who God says we are….. And, to reminding ourselves regularly of those things.


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