… broken but loved



I think Thomas has come to the conclusion that, I, his wife, is a clutz. A trip over nothing, break the unbreakable, lose everything, can’t work the TV remote kinda girl.

And, I know it drives him crazy. Especially when he gets a phone call that begin with, “sooooo…….. As I was….” are common.

So……. As I was backing out of the garage today, I backed INTO the garage door. I was going to work. At the school we run. But, now I’m trapped inside the house.
I make that phone call & my very calm husband (who is in terrible pain!) handled everything and his brother is coming to my rescue.

As if they have nothing else to do.
(These Mayes men are something else…. Always so patient & understanding even in the midst of craziness…..)

While I waited, I read my devotion from Morning & Evening & was brought to complete tears. Spurgeon reminds us that God loves us inspite of our “spots”, our wandering hearts, and sin. That this mighty God we serve doesn’t allow US to get in the way of his love for us….. That he loves us with as much fervor after the offense as he did before.

I needed to hear that.
I needed to be reminded that THAT is love. That very action of kindness, forgiveness, redemption, acceptance, & hope IS LOVE.

Our Father’s love redeems us and restores. His love never fails nor falters because of who we are – naturally sinful people who want no part of light or goodness. A God who knows that it’s only because of his choice to bring us to him, that we love him. How many people love like that? Who love “anyway”??

It’s very easy in the culture we live in today to think love is anything but or many other things AND what is told to us in the word. We find our confidence and happiness in the world’s love forgetting that that love is faulty, expectant, insecure, & selfish.
The world’s love doesn’t make us better, it doesn’t heal us, or give us any type of hope. Instead it makes us jealous, quarrelsome, & angry.

I was encouraged today, by the response of my husband and the truth of the word, to find every ounce of confidence, joy, hope, & truth in the love of Christ. To be grateful for those who display THIS type of love & to BE that love to everyone around me.

To be gentle enough to comfort. Kind enough to forgive. Understanding & present enough to remember the merciless grace & “anyway” love that’s shown towards me to the next person who offends me no matter how deeply or intentionally – because I do the same thing. Committed enough to keep giving and submitting through the tests of time.

… here’s to loving like I’m loved.



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