… baby ache


My girl is 18 weeks and is projected to be a 10 pounder by the end of it all. And, she’s healthy.
It’s so funny because my niece was projected to be the same size but is a tiny as she wants to be now! ….. She’s finally starting to catch up to other kids her age at 4!!! Lol.
I love this little munch!!!

20131202-222846.jpg •••• this is a 2 yr old picture! ••••

As the weeks go by, I’m more and more in love with my girl. As we began this journey, I read about adoptive mamas feeling an ache for their babies as they wait……..

And, I believe I feel that now.
I’m completely taken and overwhelmed. Always near tears, thankfully for good reasons now versus the many years and months I cried continuously due to inability to expand our family despite all of our efforts!

My heart and mind is just heavy with thoughts of my girl.
I’m so grateful for even being at this point. I had no idea when or if I’d ever be here, having an actual baby on the way….. I had no idea how we would ever get here. I’m in such awe and am so incredibly humbled at the fact that our birth mom chose us, that God had this girl at this perfect time, in His plan for us.

It’s so incredibly special.

And, my heart is so full at the thought of her being in our arms forever.

This God we serve does incredibly more than we could ever ask or think…. Prayers answered, desires fulfilled. Things I had no idea I wanted have completely swelled my heart. Adoption has done well by us!

I will be forever grateful for this experience. I do not feel worthy.

We’re halfway there.

I’m waiting for you, Holland.
Mama loves you.


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