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… thanksgiving

I have to admit, thanksgiving isn’t my favorite holiday. For me, it’s like the last street you have to turn on before getting to your best friend’s house.

You’re excited to get to it simply because you know there’s amazing-ness around the corner….. But, it’s a hassle because it’s either way too long or there are two too many speed bumps that slow you down from getting to where you really want to be.

I mean… Be real, we’re just ready to get to Christmas and New Years!

Thanksgiving for me is also equivalent to what Valentine’s Day is for others. In other words, POINTLESS. (I love Valentine’s Day, I think it is one of the most amazing holidays that was ever created. By a woman no doubt. Or, a man in serious trouble!!)

But, as much as I dislike the holiday…. The purpose is not lost to me. I appreciate the time that is taken out to show gratitude and appreciation for what has happened over the course of the year.

That I don’t take for granted or look upon lightly.

And, obviously…… The number one thing I am grateful for this year is God’s grace. He has graciously shown me who He is. He has taught me to depend on Him, to seek Him, & to find everything I need in Him. Learning to trust Him no matter what has calmed this control freak down A LOT which has removed quite a bit of pressure from our lives as a couple and myself!!

He brought us our dear Holland – our girl, our little one I cannot wait to meet. To see and hold her I think would be to almost see God. See his love for us, his promises made true in human form.
I look at her now and imagine what type of person God will entrust to us. What in the world will she be like???

I am grateful for who He is still creating me to be.
I’m grateful that he is transforming this hot headed, hard, quick to speak, slow to listen, full speed ahead chick who loves like crazy and is randomly, incredibly forgiving and accepting to a fault into someone who is becoming more gentle, quieter, more patient, more understanding, and a lot wiser in her dealings with people.

I’m getting better! I SEE the consistent improvements & I’m grateful that they’re happening now before our girl gets here. I’m a lot calmer and cooler tempered than before. I think and consider different perspectives before I respond (most of the time) & I’m open.

Although I’m glad to have experienced this shift for Holland specifically, it’s greatly improved many of my relationships and even my feelings about myself.

I see how growing closer to God is reaping benefits I hadn’t considered or even focused on.

I’m grateful for quite a bit, but God showing us grace upon grace in the area of expanding our family & keeping my girl healthy is definitely top of the list.

We always have so much to be thankful for and realizing the good in every situation begins with recognizing the giver of it all. How lost and hopeless we would be without the stabilizing love & hope we have in our Father.

We can worry about so much forgetting that there is someone on our side who takes care of each of the Earth’s inhabitants – all at once! Forgetting that he is the ultimate example of a great gift giver; reminding us that if the evil ones give good gifts to their children- how much greater a gift giver is he? The giver of eternal life, unconditional love & forgiveness, the Redeemer, & the ultimate shelter?? To name a few of the undeserving gifts that cannot be destroyed or ruined with time.

This Thanksgiving…. Don’t focus so much on the food & who spent the most time cooking/preparing what dish, but on the ultimate Giver. The incomparable one who gives knowing we cannot offer him anything near equal to what he’s given and continues to give us….. Himself.

To focus on anything else would be a waste.

… here’s to appreciating the spirit who lives inside of me, the Father who gave it to me, & the Son who died so that I could receive it so that I come to look more like him.


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