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… preparing for our girl


Furniture has been selected.
The stroller and car seat have been picked out.
And, our girls wardrobe is growing!! Although, she has not one pair of shoes yet.
I’m not even sure if she’ll wear shoes for a while. These “rules” in addition to my/our preferences will soon be fleshed out!

Adoption reading has been put on pause for Baby Wise, a book that I’ve heard so many great things about! And, so far, I completely understand why!!

I’m loving the preparation process and learning more and more about what we’re comfortable with in terms of how we will raise little H!

This is beautiful.

… Here’s to being humbled and prepared while we wait!



  1. First of all, Congrats!!!! You don’t know me or anything about me but I beg you to please, please think or rethink your use of Baby Wise. Please do some quick research about how detrimental it can be for your baby and you as a new mom. I wish you the very best. Peace and Blessings.

    • Thank you! Very much!! & thank you for your point of view on Baby Wise- I haven’t read much (still), so I can’t quite say if I agree or will take on their suggestions at this point! I did completely agree with and appreciate their views on a strong marriage prior to the arrival of the baby!! But, we’ll see!! What books did you enjoy reading??

  2. Hi, I am a recent follower of yours, and I am wondering how the great adoption of baby Holland ended? Is she there with y’all? Congrats on your beautiful twins! They are beyond adorable!

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