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… but given all we need

I was watching a movie and came across this quote…..

20131130-143624.jpg …. And, my heart was stilled.

It’s funny that when we become aware of the gravity of our smallness, we also become aware of the presence of something so much greater than ourselves.

We become aware of our inefficiencies, our shortcomings, and inabilities.

But, I believe that in those moments, we realize we are given big dreams and a desire to make an impact on those around us even in our weaknesses.

It’s innate….. We all want to be “somebody”, someone special, someone who matters, & makes a difference.

In our humanness, we forget that the only way we are able to navigate these large waters and roaring waves is to give into the one who controls & creates. When we do that, all of our importance rests in Him. There’s nothing to great or small to Him – no task, no person, no concern, or desire. And, when we find ourselves in Him we become light in the darkest of worlds. We instantly become worth His life & sacrifice. We become a part of a community of people whose goal is to make our God known to all of mankind.

That is important.
That is our job, to shine His light no matter where we find ourselves at any given moment.
Nothing we ever do will be more important than that.
In Him, you will find all of the joy, wisdom, & grace you will ever need to carry out such an important task.

We’re all given our own sets of gifts, talents, & goals that are to be used to glorify God. I’m so proud of the WOMEN around me who are doing great things and drawing great attentions to our God. These women are doing extraordinary things that started with just a small thought, a glimpse of something great, & a decision to be faithful with what they were given.

Our boats may be small but it’s because of his goodness that we’re able to do great things through Him!

He who calls you is faithful.
– 1 Thessalonians 5:24

… here’s to loving a God who made us small so that in our weakness, his greatness will be seen.


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