… 15 weeks

We are fifteen weeks along!!15 weeks

As quickly as time feels to be flying by us so quickly, it seems to be passing as equally slow.

Our birth mother is great at sharing what’s going on with our little Holland….. I love the texts about what she “likes” and the “Hi, Mom!”  belly pictures! I know she’s up and moving about 4:30am and really likes bananas, while Mexican/spicy food isn’t her favorite!

I’m curious as to how her tastes and preferences in utero will translate to the “real world”.

I’m amazed at how God has worked all of this out… how He has matured us and prepared us for the next stage in our life. I’m so glad that the friends he’s put in our lives are also expecting so that our girl will have playmates the same age as she will be! I’m humbled at his goodness and promise keeping.

I have an app that clues me in on everything that is going on with her – what’s developing, when and why. I love to see how God is so carefully and meticulously knitting her together. Seeing her little ultrasounds, hearing her heart beat are the most amazing and precious sights and sounds. I will forever be grateful……

Little H,
I’m looking forward to you! Slowing building your wardrobe, finalizing ideas about the nursery as I want to create a beautiful, peaceful place for you. We are doing our best to prepare for you in every aspect – we can’t wait to meet you!

… here’s to next 22 weeks of preparing, purchasing, organizing, washing, decorating, assembling, planning, and celebrating!



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