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… family

Growing up, I never once in a million years considered adoption as the way we would go about having our first child. Or, possibly any child we would welcome.

I never thought that having children would really be an issue.

Now. 6 months away from welcoming our first little on through open adoption and I couldn’t be happier. We have a wonderful relationship with our birth mother who we get to see and spend time with regularly! I literally couldn’t ask for a better set up!

To know that God planned this for us is amazing. I feel like I’ve been thrown the most spectacular, detailed surprise party. I feel so loved by Him; I’m grateful to be a part of this story He’s writing. It’s truly an honor.

I pray these six months go quickly! Last night I was talking to Thomas and writing her name over and over again……. I wondered how she would write her name, if she would be left handed or right handed, & what kind of student she would be.
{classic thoughts of a parent who doubles as an elementary school teacher!!}

I can’t wait until her next appointment where we get to see her, hear her heart beating, and find our her measurements!

… here’s to dreaming about a dream that’s quickly becoming a reality!


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