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… peace in parenting

20131005-115010.jpg It feels as if our little one won’t be here for an eternity. It feels as if the next seven months will completely d r a g by…….. I know that’s not completely true but that’s how I’m feeling today.

I’m not as worried about being ready for the baby physically; s/he’ll have everything it needs when it gets here. (It doesn’t need much anyway at the beginning…. All the hoopla is really for me!)

I was looking at these pictures and realized how often I’ll be kneeling for years to come. How some days, it will come naturally for me to stoop down and tend to my child. I also realize that there will be moments when I’ll have to make a conscious effort to pause my own life and stoop down to be eye to eye with this little person who will spend their life looking up at me.

I want to be a good mom. And, parent who is balanced, loving, kind, and patient.
I want to balance fun/spontaneity with responsibility/maturity and forgiveness/grace with self-control/morality/boundaries in such a way that I teach enjoying life and the beauty of loving all people for who they are. I want to teach acceptance and freedom in being who God created us to be while modeling a teachable & submissive spirit.

I’m already praying for God to calm my heart and for me to live in His grace & peace. I believe He wants less law & more grace to rule my home & I below that just living and taking things day by day is the best game plan. But, that’s going to be so hard…..

I have some amazing mama-models who I know will help & pray with me in my fears and struggles. And, who have already given me such great mama-character to immolate.


I believe that when we remain eye to eye, we teach our children that they are important to us. Their perspectives are important. Their issues and challenges are just as important as their successes. I believe that when our kids (& students, too!!) see that we take time to look at them in their eye and listen, as they grow they will take time to seek our perspectives about life.

One thing I’ve learned is that life is a journey…. One day is nothing, children are forgiving and model the purest form of love. And, each day God gives us another chance to live life again better than we did the day before.

So, I’m hoping that the grace, love, and forgiveness I pray to model daily for my child will be embraced and will display that same kindness towards me/us and those around them.

… Here’s to remaining eye to eye with our Heavenly Father and with the babies He gives us! … And, depending on God to be the mother He’d have me to be!


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