… teachable moments


I’m sitting at my desk, watching my students come in and interact with each other as they prepare for their day and I’m humbled.

As an educator, I’m not paid much but am reminded daily why investing in these children is more important than choosing not to teach because of salary.

Education is humbling. It’s a big job that causes so many unknown ripple effects & impacts. I teach my second graders quite a bit throughout the year but they educate me, as well. I appreciate how my students and I mold each other.

As you prepare for your day, no matter what it is that you do, walk into your day recognizing that you are in a unique opportunity to honor God in a multitude of ways.
Ask God how you can glorify Him today and don’t shy away from opportunities that he presents you with.

…. here’s to seeing our jobs and careers as opportunities to serve and worship God through how we interact with each other.



  1. Amen

  2. I always loved teaching. It’s the little moments when you realize what a big job you really have.

    • It’s remarkably huge. The most humbling part of hanging out with kids is how they leave you at the end of the day. They could have been terrors and you may have has to fuss and pull conduct, but when they leave they tell you they love you and wish you a good day. If that is not the essence of forgiveness, I don’t know what is. Love it!

  3. Love this and live this every day. Teaching has been one of God’s greatest gifts to me as I get to see His children at the very beginning of their education career and watch them grow in exploration and creativity.

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