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… oaks of righteousness

Thomas and I have been going through so much with infertility & adoption for about three years.

And, for so long there was such a deep sadness that lived within me. An unexplainable, incredibly painful sadness that just gripped my soul. A sadness that could be seen and felt by others at times; no matter how happy I was at the moment or how “good” things were – this sadness existed and overwhelmed me.

But, I’m glad that this sadness is lifting. I can see my eyes shining a bit brighter and I’m smiling with less effort.

The questions I constantly presented to God (within the past year and a half or so! lol) were never if He was good, if he loved me, if He reigned, if He was in control, if He had a plan, or where He was……….. I knew that no matter what God chose to do, he was still good, He loved me, He saw me, He cared for me, & that He was doing something great on my behalf. He never walked away from me, He never forgot about me, nor did He ever resign His position.

All He asked me to do was wait.
And, continue to wait I shall.

I am so thankful for God’s love & His providence. His plans and His wisdom.

I pray He continues swapping out my despair for oaks of righteousness so that His splendor will be seen in my life.

Thank you all for loving on me and praying for us. Your support and encouragement has been so amazing, inspiring, & encouraging!

… here’s to hope and faith in a God who cannot fail.



  1. thank you for sharing, Alaina. keep standing on His promises.

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