… choosing adoption


Nothing grips my heart more than adoption.

It is the ultimate choice to serve God in a way that is uncomfortable and frustrating at times but is so fulfilling and humbling more often than not in ways that couldn’t be imagined.

I have come to greatly respect and cherish the difficult decisions that have come with our infertility. I admire and have an incredible heart for the other mamas and families who sacrifice so much to make hard decisions to adopt & foster. As much as your heart may want it, it’s not easy. (I’m learning.)

CHOOSING to step in a role that you KNOW comes with heartache, an incredible wait, and living in the unknown in just about every aspect of live is large. Choosing to bring another person/other people into your home unaware of the depth of whatever it is they come with is even larger.

Easy lives rarely tell amazing stories.

I’ve been thinking about how adoption has changed us and broadened our perspectives. And, I’m humble at how God has used us for His glory. Makes the struggle not seem so bad.

We’ve learned to love and embrace the least of these. Understanding that every child in the foster care system, every orphan, every adopted child has a story all their own. Not nearly all of them are drug addicted as media/the public would like for us to believe. Not all of them are abused. But, in some way they are or will be heart broken because of their past. They may be emotionally/spiritually/mentally broken. They may be diagnosed. They may be disabled. They may be typical & “perfect”.
But, because we know, love, and serve a God of acceptance and grace – we CHOOSE to show the same acceptance and love towards others.
God accepted us when we were not His own. He CHOSE to love us. To accept us. And, call us his own.

Adoption has activated a faith that I’ve never had. That faith has produced a patience and peace that is literally beyond understanding. I’ve come to know His word to be true from my own experiences. It is TRUE that the good works of others point others to Christ & cause them to glorify Him. It’s beautiful to see God redeem brokenness & restore a trust, innocence, and joy in a child that it was taken from. It’s beautiful to see that so many people have the opportunity to share testimonies of their own families and those around them simply because someone decided to trust God & choose.

And, my God if such hardships & joys don’t build character.
Can you imagine the opportunities to increase your child’s exposure to different cultures, circumstances, & concepts of what love & family look like by bringing another into their home? They learn to sacrifice, to share, to accept, and to build relationships in ways that some children don’t have the privilege to. Can you imagine how your child is learning to see God’s people (as HE sees them)? God’s character? You see that your faith and difficult positions changing you to become a person of a wider perspective. A person who looks & thinks more like God.

And, you’re humbled at being called an “oak of righteousness”. Someone who’s redeemed ashes & despair show God’s splendor. How humbling is that? That your life shows a clear example of God’s love & faithfulness to His children? The ones He chose? We are His children through adoption. He redeems and restores us. He gives us a community of faith to join & become one with. A community of people who cross gender, racial, and ethnic lines to worship and share in the goodness of our God.

Trusting God with our lives, with expanding our family, & with the ones He has planned for us has changed us.

I welcome both the challenges and joys that come with just going with what God has planned.

It’s a peaceful place to reside.

… here’s to a complete inability to communicate how goodGod has been, is, and continues to be to us. I’m literally speechless.



  1. love you! and your teachable spirit and willing heart! “Easy lives rarely tell amazing stories.” that is so true! you are living your story BRAVE!

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