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… wisdom



Doesn’t everyone want to be wise?
I’m not sure about you but if I had to list the top three things I pray consistently about – its wisdom.

Wisdom is the epitome of beauty – for me. It’s better than being “smart” or pretty or funny or charming.

Wisdom – knowing and seeing what should be, could be, or can be and knowing how to get from point A to point B in both direction, word, & tone. THEN, executing at just the right time.

I love it.
Today I prayed that would stay “nose to nose” with God. To me, there’s nothing more intimate than allowing another person to be directly in your face. I mean, you see and experience it all! Pimples, large pores, breathe, eye lashes fluttering on your face, stubble/skin brushing across yours, and eye contact. When you are so comfortable & in awe of that person – nose to nose is better than life. You laugh, you play, you learn, you crave more of them. You are at rest. Completely willing to embrace them and all of their person.

And, that’s where I want to be with God. So close that I completely SEE Him in His fullness and experience Him completely.

I want His wisdom. His patience. His mercy. His gentleness and strength. His boldness and compassion.

And, to think He just gives it when we ask. Without basing our portions on how often we sin or the sins we commit – He so lovingly gifts us with His wisdom when we ask in faith.

Isn’t that lovely?

I said yesterday that everything with God is comes full circle. Our God loves people. He loves for His people to love and care for people. All people. The lowest of people especially. And, would it not be more perfect than for one of the ways He imparts His wisdom to us than through relationships with other people? “As iron sharpens iron, so one persons sharpens another” Proverbs 27:17! Titus 2 tells us all about how the more mature Christian (the older) should teach the younger. How women teach women and how men ought to teach men. Sounds very much like a mentorship or sibling relationship. He knows that we learn and grow from each other. That there is wisdom in those further down the road than we are who can help those behind them grow from their experiences.

Our God is something, y’all. I’m so glad He loves on us the way He does. When we stay “cheek to cheek” with our Savior He grows and matures us into a WISE & blameless people that bring Him nothing but glory.

Praise God for that!

… here’s to our God who gives and gives and gives lovingly & endlessly everything that we need to live a life pleasing to Him!


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