… waiting


I’ve posted promises every day this month and when I tell you they are doing a number on my soul…..

I love how God’s words are resounding in my mind, they are coming out in prayers and chats with God, they are settling and calming me like nothing else has.

My momma clock has been going off like mad for the past few weeks and my heart is truly breaking more and more each day.

But, I know God is moving and has an amazing plan for our life as a family and our lives as individuals. And, I’m confident that it’s all for God’s glory. That hope is the only thing keeping me going.

I’m grateful for the peace and calmness God has given me. I’d have been a noisy, nervous wreck by now pressing and pushing for something to happen now – but I am so thankful God is quieting my spirit. I’m thankful for the peace He is granting me, I’m glad he’s positioning me to learn to wait on Him and trusting Him in the process. It’s not easy but I know it will be worth it.

This wait, although sad, is good. I know God is preparing our hearts for who He will bring into our home & He’s shaping us for what He will have us to do later. Whatever it is will be for our good & His glory.

I’m waiting patiently. Trusting God. Standing firm on His promises.

… here’s to trusting God with the hard stuff knowing all of it is being worked together for our/my good.


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