… to be eager


Could you imagine how good God is?

He gives us grace to have the confidence to do well, to do what is right as we wait for His son, who He KNEW He would have to sacrifice, for a sinful people so that Christ could present Himself a beautiful,faultless people eager to do good.

Do good for His glory. So that our actions would point to someone greater than we are.

God gives us grace to become better. People He KNEW were sinful and selfish and determined to do what they wanted. People who, by nature, were against Him. People who would run from Him, who would pull away, become tired of being humiliated in their humility and treated horribly in response to their kindness.

But, he loves us anyway.

God gives us grace, His strength is perfect in our weakness, He is with us forever with us as we struggle. As we fall, as we are just as forgiving to others as He is to us, and as we grow and better a more perfect people for Him – even when it is misunderstood, twisted,& mistaken for self-righteousness or “perfection”.

Our Father loves us. He loves us enough to sacrifice His son & smother us with a grace that will turn us back towards the only person who can perfect us and cause us to want to do good. To serve. To sacrifice. To submit. To love in action by its most basic definition.

His grace & the hope in the knowledge that our Savior will return is enough for us to put up with the ridicule and opinions of being a judgmental, hypocritical people. Because of His goodness & grace we can persevere through the struggles and battles of life knowing that we’re a part of a bigger tapestry that is being woven together for the glorification of our God.

Thank God for His grace & His son. And, their love for us.

I love this promise. It brings tears to my eyes.
Understanding who He desires me to be, what He has given to get me there, and why He would sacrifice & give so much is humbly and causes me to be eager about doing good. Pushes me closer to Him. Causes me to want to humbly come before Him & rest at His feet grateful for my redemption.

When someone so gives & sacrifices so much for you, fully accepts you with complete disclosure of who you were, who you are, and who you will be with a love that gently pushes you to do & be better…… I can do nothing but love and honor that person. I can do nothing but want serve them and make them happy.

God is worthy of my service and my love. And, it’s His grace & love that inspires me to willingly & eagerly serve Him in every way with gladness.

…. here’s to perspective & the eagerness to do good.


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