… time to go


Today was our very last day with the girls. They’re all packed up and we’ll be saying our last goodbyes bright and early tomorrow morning.

…. And, my heart is just breaking.
They have been so sweet and such a tremendous joy, the biggest boost, and I’ve done almost nothing but laugh the entire month they were here.

One of my friends came to stay with us for a couple of days and they fell completely in love with her little 6 wk. old daughter. I mean, completely head over heels- let me do it all- she wants me to old her -let her wear this type of love. No jealousy or anything. It was the sweetest thing.

Thomas is ready for peace and quiet…… We both miss the calmness of our child-free home but there’s something about the carefree wonder of children. It’s insane how loyal and loving they are. I would dare say that there’s nothing more pure than a child’s love – it’s so innocent and unbiased. It’s completely blind and forgiving.

I’m so sad to see them go. Hanging upstairs in my room so they won’t see me cry… Although a little person has found me and wondered “why aren’t you spending time with everyone?”

So, I’m just persevering and allowing God’s love to silence me as I wait patiently for my heart to heal, my ashes to be replaced with life & beauty, and for my joyous blessing to replace all of this despair.
**** can you believe this convo?!!! I died laughing!!! *** THIS is what I will miss.

And, I literally don’t know why all of this has surfaced again… Ever since “that” thought (found here), its been a slippery slope.

But, all in all, all is well.
Summer is over and it’s time to go back to school. Slowly getting back in the mood, lol. Back to the regularly scheduled program of life. 🙂

… here’s to life, laughter, and believing the promises of God as we go through.


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