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… the anchor

20130824-225026.jpg I love this.

God promises Abraham descendants who will be great and powerful. He swore by His own name. Knowing that He couldn’t lie. Then, used this as an example that gives us the encouragement to hope.

And, THAT hope – the hope that we will receive what God has promised us is what keeps us from wandering and from giving up before His words have become true.

It’s tough to wait. But, I’m so grateful that my hope has tethered me, has anchored me to The Lord. An anchor that cannot be taken up or loosened by the waves and stormy seas.

When I feel as if I’m beginning to sink or as if I’m losing the battle of the waves – I can see that The Lord’s promises do come to fruition.

I see that there’s no need to doubt God because of the circumstances and they’re effect on my emotions. I guard my heart and guide it to my God instead of allowing it to dictate my decisions.

I choose to trust God. I choose to wait on Him. I choose to keep looking towards the future.

Because “today” isn’t always a good indicator of what’s in store for tomorrow.

… here’s to hope.


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