… say his name

My brother (in law) is an amazing speaker and story teller. He’s so easy to listen to. He has a way of capturing your attention & detailing a story in such a way that will make you feel very much a part of the plot. It’s insane.

He was storytelling at work earlier this week & he asked who didn’t end their prayers with “in Jesus’ name”. My hand was the only one that went up. Again, a shameful situation that I’m not quite embarrassed by. Lol. (Story of my life!!!)

But, I had to wonder at that moment- why in the world DON’T I say “pretty please” as my brother put it at the end of my prayers? Certainly Jesus is petitioning for me anyway and do I really have to add “with a cherry on top” to get things moving?

Not sure. Wouldn’t even label asking for the things I want in Jesus’ name as begging. Because it isn’t.

It’s standing on a promise. It’s trusting that Jesus will be faithful when I ask for things. Things that are in His will, things He is leading me to pursue and have put on my heart.

I’m trusting that He will say “yes”.

20130816-222036.jpg This is verse 14 but the end of verse 13 is pretty awesome, too.

Jesus says that He will give us what we ask for so that God will be glorified through Him.

So, now that we have a promise to get what we want, we have to check our motives to be sure that wrong motivations won’t cause us to receive a no as James 4:3 says.

Thankfully, the closer we grow to Christ the more like him we become and the our desires will begin to line up with His.

I’m grateful that I have a father that WANTS to say “Yes!” to the good things I ask for. Things that will be of a benefit to each other and will cause others to glorify Him.

From peace in a troubled situation to a little bundled blessing in my arms – I know my father hears me and wants to bless me for His glory.

I encourage you to seek God’s face and I pray that His desires become yours, that your heart becomes tender to the things that grieve our father. I would love for our hearts to become full at the goodness of God and that we choose to see his glory & righteousness in every situation! In Jesus’ name… we will become strong men and women in Christ who seek justice, love mercy, & walk humbly with our father – bringing him glory in everything that we do! Amen!

… here’s to trusting God’s word and receiving every good thing he has for us IN JESUS’ NAME!!!!!

Y’all have a good night. IJN!!! (My new acronym!!) lol


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