…. promises


Our God has made us promise after promise after promise to His children about how He will care for us and what He has in store for us.

There is no way for us to know if His promises will be fulfilled in this lifetime or in the one to come, but we can joyfully & faithfully live in a manner that honors our God while we wait.

This month, I will post a promise our God has given us.
I need to hear them and I need to learn & hide these words in heart!

Plus, I think that the scriptures are beautiful, the pictures are gorg, & that you guys would enjoy their beauty,as well!

It’s August first, my Pinterest found scripture today lets us know what our that our ashes and despair will be replaced with blessings and beauty. Ashes are easy to come by….. They come from either the decayed bones of the dead or from something being completely consume by fire. God has promised to make something beautiful from our ashes, a crown of beauty…. Maybe for a child of a King? Our struggles don’t go unnoticed and they definitely aren’t for naught. Our Father sees us and has planned to make our hardest times, the ones that threaten us the most – will be the very ones that will have molded us into what God has planned for us to be.
And, to know & believe that those of who have lost hope in issues that plague our hearts and are desperate for more, for what our hearts desire most, we are promised a joyous blessing. Whether this blessing is what we long for or exactly what our God knows that we need, what is good for us, & what will bring Him most glory, we don’t know. We do know that a blessing, a joyous one- one that isn’t dependent upon what is going on around us but based on the Promiser. (Did I just make that up?) This joy I’m sure of is based on Christ…… And, makes the blessing much more amazing.

The most crippling, exhausting, terrifying, and heart breaking lines of our story are for our good. They will be a benefit to the Body & our very own families. God doesn’t expect our ashes or despair to kept secret, He doesn’t expect us to hide quietly behind closed doors – but to find comfort in Him & encouragement from the communities within the body of Christ. So, that others will see our good works, how faithful we were in the wait, how we depended on and trusted in God until we receive our crowns and blessings.

Let’s start this month off trusting that God has some amazing, life-giving blessings that are good, just as He is good.

31 days of promises from The Lord? Sign me up!

…. here’s to believing that everyday is worthwhile because our God has given us a beautiful, joyous future!


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