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… of Christ

You are Christ’s. – 1 Corinthians 3:23

It’s very interesting to me how years ago I would have heard this and said,”Yes, but I am still….”
And, now all I can say is “Thank you.”

The former response had everything to do with how I felt about what was going on around me. It was such a self-focused response when my outlook should have been Christ-focused. I couldn’t see anything else
because my concerns soley surrounded my life. I heard that I was His but my life wasn’t about Him.

As God began to draw me closer and closer to Him so many things began to fall away. Everything that I’d wanted was gone. Struggles were great. Heartache that I’d never experienced before completely broke me.
There was nothing any one individual could have done to comfort me at all. And, they tried.

God kept pulling me to Him (i.e. causing me massive grief), He drew me to His word, and began to open my ears/mind so that I could truly learn who He was.

I read this promise today and can’t help but feel a peace and contentment simply because of who I belong to.

Because I belong to Christ, I have a hope that will not disappoint, one that keeps me looking toward what’s to come. A hope that keeps me focused on Him & the concerns that plague His heart. This hope shifts my perspective from me to others. It reminds me that my life isn’t my own because of who I belong to. It keeps my mind & focus on things eternal – this life & all of its stuff isn’t nearly as important as I thought it was.

Earthly happiness, accomplishment, titles, labels, etc aren’t what defines me. What I do with all of that (amazing) stuff, how I treat people, how I serve, & deal with the hardships of life are the things that define who I say I am.

My actions, responses, character, and relationships tell more about who I am and who I belong to more than anything I could ever declare with my mouth.

Being associated with Christ is a big deal and knowing that first, nothing can separate us and second, that The Holy Spirit is working within me to present perfected before my God is enough.

Life is preparing me for an eternity with God. And, I’m thankful that God that those very same things that pushed me away were the same issues that brought me humbly before the cross.
Submitting and forfeiting a fight I could not win.

I am His. What a peaceful promise so full of a future, a joy, & peace.

…. here’s to the God that has His eyes on me just as much as the sparrow. He sees me.


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