… if you doubt

20130825-180505.jpg If you ever doubt God’s promises to be true, just take a look back in Genesis.

He promised childbirth would be painful. He promised that wives would have a major heart for our husbands but that they would rule over us.

Isn’t that so true?

God doesn’t lie. He can’t. So that means 2 things – first, what He will happen and 2. What He said will happen exactly how He said it would.

So, ladies, the next time we want to fret and doubt that God will take care of us or give us the desire of our hearts………… Just remember that in a few short weeks we’ll be in pain. He didn’t say everything related to becoming pregnant would hurt but because cycle pain & irritability is a commonality amongst women- I think it’s safe to say that everything related to creating a child is gonna hurt.

And, gents……… When your wife is complaining and mentioning her desire for you, wanting to spend time with you, and to help you – it’s not her fault. Lol. Try to live with us in an understanding way – understand that her love for you is a promise given to her by God. See it as a testament to God’s faithfulness and her need for you to love her like Christ loves the church instead of a drippy faucet! Lol.

We’re doing our best to live as Prov. 31 women but its in us to crave you.

A little light humor but also some encouragement for those of us who are having a bit of trouble with the ways things are appearing to be in the moment.

… here’s to little reminders that God is always true.


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