… his gifts are good


hope you guys are having an amazing Sunday!
I wanted to share this promise with you guys today…… Reminding you that everything good & perfect comes from a God who is consistent and who will never have a change of mind or heart.

Trust our God’s plans, trust His wisdom, trust His goodness and have faith in what He does. There are times God will bring certain people or things into our lives that doesn’t seem so good or perfect but remember that the gifts from God will be good and perfect for us.
Before you run with that, know that God’s timing & plan is not ours. Know that sometimes we will have to work somethings out, we’ll have to endure, and change in order to see things through the eyes of God instead of our own.

Everything doesn’t always feel good but all things work together for good to those who love God.

I think everyone has experienced purchasing or receiving a gift that you weren’t too sure about. It may have sat on the shelf awhile or you may have tried to work with it & give it a go but it never really seemed to “work” UNTIL……. One day, it all came together and you realized the value in such a gift once you figure out exactly how to use it or your perspective shifted a bit.

Even though it took you a while to understand the gift, doesn’t mean the gift gained or lost any value during that time. It’s was YOU who had to grow and change.

Sometimes, the gifts God gives us have to be realized. It often takes us maturing in the fire and being molded as clay in our Potter’s hands for us to recognize the perfection that is before us.

This week, I challenge you guys to focus your thoughts and prayers so much on God that the circumstances of life are but minor details. God already has a plan for it all and we don’t need to get in the way. When we focus on Him we position ourselves to see the good & perfect that has been placed in our lives even in the midst of crisis or struggle.

And, more often than not if we can think of nothing “good & perfect” that has been given to us – we don’t have to look any further than the cross.

Because of His death we have been redeemed and He is perfecting us so that He will present us faultless & blameless before His father. So soon, we will be made good & perfect through the struggles & trials of life. 🙂

God is so good you guys. Everything comes full circle. It all ends and begins with Him receiving glory & honor in every way.

Have a great week y’all!!

…. here’s to looking at life through the lens of faith!


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