… great grace


Soooo…… He took us in, qualified the unworthy to live confidently amongst angels, a holy Christ, & majestic God. Not only that…. He adopted us into His perfected family and is going to clean us up and forgive us of all our sins. Really? Why? Who knows. Who can truly grasp or understand the love our God has for us — especially when He has to do so much to us, he has to put in plenty work to mature us and to even get us to focus on Him.

But, I’m thankful that he chose to do it anyway. He is incredibly gracious and kind.

How could you not love Him?
He isn’t tyrannical, judgmental, nor does He rule with an iron fist.

He knows forcing someone to love you out of fear isn’t real love. He chooses to love us gently, purely, and unconditionally. The type of love that binds, frees, and lasts.

So grateful for His love and commitment to fixer-uppers cause He knows I am constantly in need of some tweaking and oiling of squeaky party.

I’m looking forward to being brought into the kingdom of His beloved Son. So, thankful for the successful rescue mission. 🙂

… Here’s to loving others past our own frustrations and comfort to serve ad befriend another who could be “not as… (Fill in the blank).” joyfully. Just as he served us. Forever thankful for an amazing role model.


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