… forgiveness

Some may call this karma. Others the universe doing its part in creating harmony? I’m not sure.

I call it God disciplining and training us to show a Godly love to everyone we come across.

In Luke 6:37 he tells us that if we condemn or judge, we will be condemned and judged. But, his tone changes when He talks forgiving those who offend us. When he speaks of condemnation and judgement, he say “Do not condem….” And, “Do not judge.” Then he tells us to forgive and we will be given. Each of the actions has a connected and directly related response.

None of want to be judged and condemned, but we definitely want forgiveness so where does that leave us when we are presented with less than desirable circumstances.

One thing I’ve noticed is that God puts us in positions that will require His help. Situations that push is closer to Him an further from the world in one way or another.

I love this promise because I see how God is telling us to treat others the way she treats us.

Because of the blood of The Lamb we are no longer subject to such horrible responses to our behavior but rather forgiven ready.

God won’t judge us or condemn us for our missteps and mistakes. He’s busy drawing us closer to Himself, loving on us, and guiding our paths.
I’d have to say that I would think that God wants us to be too busy loving on those in need rather than discussing their why they are in need. He’d want us speaking bolding for Him, serving others, and praising Him.

My challenge today: busy yourself with trying to understand another person before we form opinions and assume we know the details of the situation. He tells us to seek justice and love mercy – things that take time, effort, maturity, and God himself to really make an impact.

But, you CAN do it. When we begin to think like Christ, so we begin to see things from his perspective. A perspective that places value on people and their hearts rather than material things that have no lasting value.

If you have struggles with unfairly judging a person or condemning the sins that doesn’t happen to be your “favorite”, ask God to give you wisdom and see things the way he would have us to.

… Here’s to freedom in Christ and forgiveness!


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