… complete newness


I found this gorg picture of Ezekiel 11:19 on @wordsnacks Instagram…… Go check them out for sure! Then stop by my page (@amayes)& wave hello! Lol.

I love that God gives us a new heart and spirit upon salvation. One that will become more and more like Him as we draw nearer and nearer to Him, as we grow in knowledge of Him, as we serve Him.

I love that promise. I love that we will not remain our old sinful selves as we unite and become one with Him.

I love that He loves us enough to give him a portion of Himself – I love that there’s enough of Him to go around.

Praise God for creating in us a new, clean heart that desires Him. A spirit that cherishes Him & will be sanctified, a perfected spirit that will He will present to Himself.

A heart that shares His concerns for the least of these, the widow, the orphan. A spirit of peace, lovingkindness, strength, perseverance, gentleness & humility.

Not sure about you but I am so grateful for that. Grateful that my sins have been paid for & because of Christ I have been adopted and redeemed….. My heart renewed. Wiped clean and will soon be reunited with my Savior.

What a promise for a sinful little lady who recognizes her need for her God.

Hope y’all enjoy y’all’s Saturday….. I’m about to serve & worship at The 429. Check out their podcasts!!! They’re amazing!

… here’s to newness in Christ. Unmistakable. Irrevocable. Undeserving. Yet graciously given by the father!


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