… proud & preparing


Hi, my name is Alaina and I’m an adoptive mama.

I am so excited about our calling to adopt.
Expanding our family by adding a child who needs a home is so exciting to me……

A year ago, I wasn’t in this place.

Adoption wasn’t on my radar. I still wanted children who looked, acted, and sounded like me.
Until I was hit with the revelation that we all have one Father who desires us to immolate His character, to act like Him and love others the way He loves us, and share His love the way His son did by forgiving the sinful (that’s all of us) and helping the needy (which is all of us, as well).

We welcome the opportunity to provide for a kiddo. It’s an honor and a blessing to us both.

I’ve said before that the most important part of this journey has been amazing. I’ve met some pretty amazing women who are so supportive and create this network of adoptive mamas who love God.

And, there’s a conference for mamas just like us, just for us. Held by us.
I’m excited. I’m proud. I can’t wait.

This March, I’ll be attending a conference called Created for Care! Worshipping, adoptive mamas who will be flooding Atlanta to MEET (in person!), support each other, share stories, and pray for each other.

I’m honestly hoping I’ll be able to add some pretty spectacular paragraphs to this chapter of our lives but we’ll wait and see!

I’m thanking God for this opportunity and a supportive husband who wants to tag along. The conference is for mamas, but I’m sure he’ll be able to find something to do during the day. In Texas! Lol. I’m kidding. We’ll see!

Thanking God for this opportunity.

Man, if I wouldn’t take my diagnosis or the inability to not have children back for a thing. Not a thing.

My entire perspective has been challenged and completely changed.

I’m grateful. God’s plans are absolutely better than our own.

… here’s to willingly accepting God’s plans for our lives knowing they are for our good and His glory. How can you deny them?


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