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… patience


when I tell you I have completely fallen in love with the scripture. I have fallen head over heels in love with God’s word.

Sounds strange, even to me, because I’ve been a Christian forever, but when I began to truly seek after God, I began to see Him in so many different ways.

When I was forced on my knees through our infertility, I began to learn so much more about Him & I came to know Him much better.

I see His word differently now than I ever have before. I crave it. The scriptures I favorited are now welcoming more and more favorites into the fold and I’m seeing even more of God’s character revealed to me. It’s amazing.

I have no idea what God has planned for us. But, I am trusting Him wholeheartedly. I am believing Him and faithfully praying about what He would have us to do next.

I love how God plans our lives before He places us ever so carefully in our mother’s womb. He knew we would seek after Him and need to hear something from Him in our most difficult times. He knew that we would run to Him with tear streaked faces pleading for relief. He knew exactly what we would need and He has provided it for us.

He knew we would need encouragement and a bit of a push to get us going when we found ourselves stuck. So, He gave us His word. Full of wisdom and insight, encouragement and models. He gave us a body of brothers and sisters to unite with and lean on.

He is here with us always. In various forms – His written word, song, prayer, His Holy Spirit, & others around us.

They all encourage us to be joyful, resilient, patient, long suffering, tolerate, hopeful, and faithful.

Just do it. Lean on Him. Seek after Him. And, give Him room to love on you.

… here’s to accepting the love of a Father who will never leave us or forsake us and to trusting His word and believing in Him enough to obey. It’s hard to so worth it!


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