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For years, I admired anyone who had a regular Bible reading regimen….. Especially those who read and studied in the wee hours of the mornings.

I never got into morning devotions because I struggle so much with getting up in the morning. Then, I never really knew how to go through the Bible effectively and finding a devotional that was “right” for me was even harder.

I most recently found a Devo that I completely adore that has a morning and evening reading and it is spectacular. Not only are the devotionals good but I’m more enjoying how my days unfold and my person is so much calmer than they were when I rushed through those amazing, quiet moments of the morning.

I crave them now.
And, I am working to be even more intent on grasping everything that I can from my readings.
So, I have a nice little assortment of colored pens, notebook paper, dividers, and even a pen pouch to keep organized and prepared! Lol.

I’ve also joined an online community of women who follow Bible reading plans called She Reads Truth. More amazingness read in the morning. More to understand, grasp, & deal with throughout my days.

**** read, more reasons to use all of my goodies! ****

And, I love it.

I’m so grateful for this lesson of spending quiet moments with God…. a lesson I wish I’d learned and worked that much harder to seek when I was younger.

One of my devotionals is Morning & Evening by Charles Spurgeon. And, you can join me in the She Reads Truth online-community when you click here.

I am lucky to be able to have mornings that are easy and as late as I want them. I’m worried that school will start and knock me completely off track. We’ll see. I still have about a month before everything begins so hopefully after a couple of weeks of adjusting to the time change, I’ll be solid.


… here’s to growing in knowledge and being shaped in faith! No regrets.



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