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… fourth


Happy Fourth!!!!!

BBQ. Fireworks. Sun. Shorts. Pools. Baseball. Picnics. Lake. Boats. Parties!

However you spent your holiday – I hope it was fantastic!

I’m so happy we had an opportunity to spend time with the girls for the Fourth!

Both my brother and sister live out of state so to have everyone in one space, at one time has been pretty fun!

We had such a great time popping fireworks and caught some pretty amazing pictures that I can’t wait to comb through and edit!
They’ll definitely be added to our adoption file and framed around the house!

Loved it!!!!!


More pictures to come soon….. Can’t wait to share!

Minor Tidbit- over the past couple of weeks, during my morning quiet time, I’ve been asking God to show me who He wants me to be that day. How I can show the fruits of the Spirit that He is definitely pruning me to bear and how I could be a bit more thoughtful of others.

It’s amazing how just focusing your morning on who God wants you to be – how being relationship oriented versus task oriented can change your day.
What a great lesson I learned a few weeks ago at Bible study!!

How our worlds could change if we were more concerned about our fellow brothers and sisters than our tasks or ourselves.

I’m continuing to pray on that. Live and believe that God’s character and His promises will change lives.

…. Have a great PEOPLE focused weekend, friends!!!


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