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… first world distress


So, my computer has a virus.

Which means I can’t upload or edit my pictures.

Which means I can’t collect pictures for our adoption profile.

Which means I’m about to lose my mind.

First world, non-monumental, no need to stress issues.
I understand that. Especially since I haven’t consistently used my camera in months.
But, because I am – I’m not happy.
And, Instagram (@amayes)/phone pictures are going to have to suffice for now.

So, onto a more mature note –

I’m having a great time with my nieces – they wear me out but it’s so much fun!! They so naturally fit into our little family and we step into caretaker roles quite well.


My oldest niece, Aliya, has taken a liking to the camera and actually takes really good pictures.
Like, I’m okay with her having my camera good.


I’m also really enjoying their conversations. These girls are 8 and 4 and have the most amazing vocabularies and speak so well. The conversations between the girls are insane. And, the little ones questions are so cute.

We’re leaving a swim meet and Thomas is in a turn lane with his signal on. The little one says, “Is the timer doing that?” We say, “Doing what?” …. I’m expecting her to say “making that sound” she says, “clicking clock”. Maybe, my standards are a bit low but I just wasn’t ready for her to describe the sound with clicking. I also understand why she added “clock” … She’s 4. Lol. What can I say?

Dramatics aside…. Things are well.
Our preliminary adoption business is coming to a close and although we planned to be DONE by now – it really is okay.

I was hoping to be so much further along in this process by now…… I was hoping we’d be matched by the end of the summer….. Well, wanting.


But, if there is one thing I’ve learned is that God’s timing is amazing and everything I want is not always what’s best WHEN I want it.

My best defense against all of this is just truly trusting God & understanding that this process is not easy. And, keeping the bigger picture at the forefront of my mind. It’s hard. Emotionally. Spiritually. And, can stress your relationship if you allow it.

Knowing who Thomas is and how he handles situations keep the idea of what “should” or “could” be happening is helpful. Keeping our relationship above all other things is the most important. Fussing over paperwork isn’t beneficial at all.

We’re getting there and doing what we can when we can.

It’s a process…. Right?

…. here’s to an amazing summer and prepping for presentation to families. And, getting this virus cleaned up!!


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