…. seven for the second time


My husband and I started reading 7 about two months ago.

Right about the time the school year begins to form a whirlwind around our lives and things go a bit crazy.

It was not perfect timing to throw in something new. And, heavy.

So, I began again today. Thomas is a week ahead of me so we’ll catch up again next week.

This week – CLOTHING.

Huge. Heavy. Hard.
I have 2 events in my designated time frame. Two very different events, one that causes a specific wardrobe.

So, I am tweaking just a little bit. I’ll wear my seven items everyday except for the event I have to wear this specific outfit. I also work out and I just can’t wear workout clothes all week – it’s just not possible.

So, those are the only two changes that I’m making.

I’m a little disappointed today has already been an absolute FAIL. See my pretty jewelry – yea, that’s a no no.

But, I’m still excited. Ready to jump back into things.

There are so many things I have to lay at our Father’s feet and I’m READY to talk with Him. I’m ready to completely humble myself. To be forced to take my focus off of myself in real life and depend on God for everything I’m looking for. For confirmations. For confidence when I get strange looks for alternating outfits every couple of days and when I have to explain why I’m wearing ____ again. And, no jewelry is going to KILL me. I don’t know how I’m going to go without earrings (at the least) for the rest of our time.

This is a real sacrifice.

I think we can all say that what we do is no business of another and what people voice out loud or think doesn’t bother us, but truly it does.

I see this as a real life lesson to “be strong and courageous” the way that The Lord commands us to have in Joshua. While having a spirit of humility.

If I learn to be strong and courageous in this area – where else in my life will I have to courage to just go when God urges me and the strength to stand for what I believe is right?

I can tell you right off that I’m going to be embarrassed about wearing the same clothes and shoes over and over again and I’m not going to want to post pictures of myself on Instagram. I’m going to be tempted to limit where I go.
But, I will.

I need earrings. What I’ll do without them – I’m not sure. But, I won’t.

Is that self centered, arrogant, and egotistical?

Seems that way to me so I ready to just destroy the part of me that has to believe that what I look like on the outside has something substantial to do with who I truly am on the inside.

Maybe my outside distracts from who I am? Or, my obsession with my outside.

I didn’t think I was as obsessed until I began to schedule my week around THIS week.

Who cares what I wear? Who cares I don’t wear earrings or rings?
I do.

Lets see if this week of less can give room for the Holy Spirit to move a bit more.

If this less will drive me to my knees a bit more….. If I’ll mature some. Expand my perspectives some.

I’m anxious to see how this will go.
How quickly I’ll get sick of the same clothes or how soon I’ll want to find a reason to switch an item out.
And, how soon I’ll truly appreciate and find relief in less. How much more I will find myself worshipping and praying in moments of fear, frustration, & irritability.

…. Here’s to already not liking that this jacket (that is keeping me warm) is “wasting” an item. {{eek……}



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