… please be still


My heart beats fast. Tears well up in my eyes. My imagination runs wild. Plans are spinning, floating, and growing in my mind.

And, I cannot help it.

In a short matter of literally WEEKS, Thomas and I are slated to be presented to birth families.

What does that mean?!

Well, my inquisitive friend…. Let me tell you.

We’re a step away from being selected by a birth mother and hopefully matched to become her baby’s mama and daddy.

A few weeks away.

A few action items away.

A few signatures, interviews, and visits to the post office away.

A few prayers, phone calls, and emails away.

And, we are there.

Of course, we may have to wait a few more months until delivery but glory, we are right there.

Right at the brink of a promise fulfilled.

Testimonies to tell.

Praises to sing.

The goodness of God to be told.

Please continue to pray for us.

Pray for our process – that all things go smoothly. That we won’t have to endure another failed adoption, that the birth mama won’t change her mind.

Pray for our birth mother and our little one. That they are healthy and have found peace in this situation.

Please pray for our fundraising efforts. We have a couple of avenues I’m PRAYING God allows us to venture down. I’m praying that God will cause us to ask “How in the world did that happen??” just as the disciplines did when Paul walked on water, when the 5,000 were fed twice,when the dead were raised, the sea was parted, walls fell with a loud praise.

I am excited and greatly anticipating God to move in an unbelievable way.

I believe He can do exceedingly more than we could ever ask or think and we’re asking for upwards of $26,000 plus……

My adoption was costly, paid for by the blood of His only Son….. Who rose after he died. I believe that He could do another great work here.

Through us.
Our family.
Our friends.
Other unknown members of the body.

He expects us to help each other, to care door each other, and support one another.

Please pray about how you could help us or another family do what they are led to do for Christ.

Everyone isn’t led to adopt or go on mission trips or church plant…… But, as members of each other, we are definitely called to support (in various ways) those who are.

If you would like to give towards our adoption, you can head on over here to our Deposit A Gift Website!!

You can send encouraging words, prayers, WHATEVER to unashamedgrowth@gmail.com!! I love hearing from you guys!!

Thank you for loving us. For journeying with us. For supporting and praying with us.

We appreciate and love you more than you could imagine!!!

…. here’s to serving and supporting the body in the work they do for Christ.



  1. So excited for you guys and praying that you have a quick and successful match!! What a great place to be in the process! 🙂


  2. Praying for more… More courage. More patience. More strength. More peace. My husband & I were talking this week about how we think adoption stories are stories that are always evolving. We finally make the choice to adopt, to start the process, and even though we are trusting God to lead us, we have to make a plan. The funny thing is, it rarely goes according to the plan. The adoption journey, whether long or short, is an absolute roller coaster ride… And then one day your child is in your arms. Never how we thought the plan would be, but always Gods perfect plan. Praying for Gods perfect plan, and that He will sustain you until then.

    From one adoptive Mama to another,

    PS- go on some adventures with your hubby now, before you add a third wheel 😉

    • How perfect & sweet!!! I’m so excited about you guys’ decision to adopt!!! It is a roller coaster ride but it is the most amazing experience you will have. Our kiddo isn’t even here yet and the growth we’ve experience since Jan. has been amazing. You truly see things differently and bc for us the decision was truly God led, we’ve come to know Him differently and see the world/adoption/family in a way I believe He desires us to. Good luck and I will be praying for you guys!!!

      And, adventures! I know, I know! Seeing as how you never know WHEN things will happen, you wanna try to take in as much as you can! We’ll see!!! But, when that third party comes along- I’m sure they’ll get used to the moving around and become quite the little hang out buddy! We want to experience life WITH him/her!

      • Actually, we’ve already adopted our first & we are now asking God to grow our family some more. We are licensed foster parents and truly believed that was Gods calling for us & planned to grow our family that way. Then out of nowhere we got a call from a close friend who had a cousin who knew someone who knew someone (you read that right) who needed to make an adoption plan. Three months later I was in the delivery room as our son was born. We never planned to be a part of an independent adoption, but God is always up to something & our son certainly belongs with us & us with him. We have an open adoption and love that our family includes Jackson’s birthfamily. So, adoption stories always seem to evolve… Ours continues to. Enjoy the adventure!

        And yes, adding a little buddy is the best. We’re the type of people who like to bring others along, and that’s what we do with our son. I’m just glad we received advice to take some adventures on our own before he came. I love life now, but treasure the memories we made before.

        Our family will be praying for yours!

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