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… it ain’t pretty sister


There are a couple of things I love about this adoptive life…. A couple things that keep you going and give you hope.

Success stories and these amazing mamas.

These women are so incredibly supportive and helpful. So willing to repost your happenings, support you, and give a listening ear.

And, their stories are amazing. They are inspiring and encouraging. They tell of beautiful children brought into new homes where they fit right on in…. Yes. With some adjusting. Yes, with some maneuvering. But, oh, how they fit so perfectly. How they bring so much joy to their families. And, how we honor & praise God for the child’s life, how they were set so perfectly into a better life, and how He answers prayers so perfectly.

Being an adoptive mama can be lonely and very different. It’s doing something so many people around you aren’t familiar with. It’s strange and scary and it’s literally taking one confusing step at a time.

The things we’ve learned about the culture of adoption have been exciting and scary. They’ve been encouraging. And, have given us something to hope for, for sure.

Gotcha Day. I had no idea that existed until now. It’s a day families celebrate the day the adopted kiddo came into the home. Who knew?! But, how sweet and exciting!

The struggle…… It makes my heart break for the child who is brought into the new strange home, sometimes from a different culture, to live. The family cocoons or basically isolates themselves from the rest of the world for weeks to help the child form bonds, adjust to the new family, & get acclimated to life in a new place. How scared they must be.

The tantrums and acting out is hard on the family & new siblings but on the joy that erupts over the next few months as that same baby that resisted everything now so willing comes to struggle you on the couch.


Redemption is woven so deeply in the fabric of adoption. The two are bound.

The child’s old life is redeemed as are the dreams and heartaches of the parents.
Sweet redemptive healing and comfort replace so much pain and sadness.

And, fundraising.
The best and the worst part of it.

It’s the best because you come to hear so many people’s stories of their adoptions and you are able to share yours…… The love of Christ & His amazing plans are shared…. Emotional is given and received and you have the opportunity to do for others what has been done or what may soon be done for you.

Fundraising also gives people an avenue to peer inside an experience they don’t understand.
I’ve heard so many times “if you can’t afford to have a baby, why are you doing it?”

Boy oh boy.

A couple of things come to mind and if anyone would like to help me out with how to succinctly say what I’m about to say, please do….. While, understanding that this comment could have been made out of pure ignorance at best and nastiness at worst, I’d want to be as kind as possible.

First, I believe assisting anyone with any huge task, is a great thing. Especially when you believe that that task is truly being done to honor God. We support other’s adoptions and mission trips not for our sake or even with a concern about finances but because we believe that the Body of Christ is to be the driving force behind the work of Christ. Giving and participating in the work of Christ is another way of being the help people need. Period. Simple enough.

If some had to pay $300-$500 to GET pregnant, I doubt very seriously there would be as many people on the planet as we have now.

Of those who could pay, how many would be able to pay upwards of $40,000+ to have the baby?? In a matter of months on top of that?

There’s a fine line to fundraising for anything and it is difficult to get the nerve to do it but to also rally people to help you.


This life is truly great but you’re up against so much. Getting over the hurdles and experiencing the joy on the other side is what makes it all worth the wait.

The hope that drives you and the faith that compels you act and serve and join and be while you wait is amazing within itself.

No one adopts for the fun of it. The hoops you have to jump through will cause someone who’s in it for the novelty of it will cause you to run for the hills. It’s not easy. And, it’s not always fun. It’s not cute.

It’s difficult, you get tired. Overwhelmed exhausted. And, the paperwork and intrusive questionnaires you willingly and excitedly filled out becomes laborious.

Maybe today is just a harder day. I’m trusting that my story will glorify God in the most amazing ways, that all of this will be so amazing if for nothing other than that.

As hard as it is, I know it’s worth it.

It is what we’ve been led to do. We know the glory God is receiving DAILY from it….. If no one else is, we are certainly praising Him for this journey.

I never in a million years thought I’d be walking the roads that I am but I am certainly thankful. I’m grateful for my story and for those who have shared theirs with me.

You are definitely an encouragement.


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