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… celebrate


Hey y’all!!!!

I hope you have had an amazing weekend!!!

Mine was filled with graduations and time with friends that are really family as worshipping!!

I am so full of GOOD!!! emotions, so completely overwhelmed with God’s goodness, His plans, and work that he’s doing in the lives of lovelies around me.

I know that He is doing some amazing work and I am choosing to trust and worship Him in spite of what things look like. I can’t see the evidence of His work right now, but I believe in faith that He is IS indeed working and that the end result will bring Him great glory!!

I encourage you to turn your focus from what’s happening in the present, what you CAN see and believe in faith that God truly is working on something just for you that will glorify our Father more than you ever thought possible.

Your story isn’t just for you. The things happening in your life, aren’t happening for your benefit alone. Your struggles are bigger than you & your pain. It’s all about God and bringing other people to Him while you faithfully worship and live out that faith.

Trust God. Keep going. Choose to live purposefully and use your story to honor God. To uplift Him. To focus all of your attention towards Him.

The more you focus on Him the more you will recognize His goodness. The more you will see opportunities to worship and glorify Him.

Enjoy your Sunday, y’all!!!

… here’s to living joyfully and purposefully!



  1. Love it!!! I will use this post as an inspiration for my Motivational Monday text I send it. That first photo of you is smoking hott!! And your lips!!!! Oh wee mane! I need the skinny on that color. (I know, Im all off the topic)

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